Keep Your Home Dry And Your Property Well Maintained With Leak Detection In Seattle, Wa

byAlma Abell

Plumbing leaks come in a variety types. Some are more noticeable such as those that affect the outside sewer. In many instances these leaks will destroy your landscaping and ruin your yard. Sometimes you can easily locate these problems by the damage they do, but other times the leaks may be slow and difficult to find. Fresh water leaks can be even larger problems. Small leaks can dribble down the pipes without a loss of pressure while still causing extreme damage in your home. Leaking faucets and drains can cause wood rot in cabinets and floors resulting in thousands of dollars worth of repair costs.

The key to Leak Detection in Seattle, WA is the tools the plumber uses. For smaller ground based leaks and hard to find sewer problems the plumber can use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). This may be a somewhat expensive tool for detection purposes, but it does allow the homeowner a little peace of mind when it comes time to dig up the broke pipes. In some instances the GPR is also useful for detecting fresh water leaks around foundation slabs and basement walls.

More useful tools for Leak Detection in Seattle, WA include an acoustic instrument designed to locate the leak by sound variance. Higher pressure water leaks in walls make definitive noises that plumbers can easily recognize. By pinpointing where these leaks occur they can reduce the amount of demolition required to make a repair. For harder to find leaks they can use an ultra-sensitive ground mic system to pick up the sounds and computerized equipment to filter out background noises. By removing any extraneous sounds they can easily locate the source of your leak.

Perhaps the most important tools that plumbers such as those at West Coast Plumbing, Pump and Filtration LLC can use are their eyes, ears and mind. By relying on years of experience and looking in the places where they would expect to find a leak they can often spot a problem with little trouble. One of the indicators they search for are water stains. Others include rotting wood, saturated drywall and seepage around any plumbing.