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Chilli Peppers: Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels And Lose Weight With The Capsicum

  • Posted on July 10, 2018 at 1:25 am

By Estelle Coughlan

Heart disease is the Western World’s biggest killer, and it is high cholesterol (high levels of LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol)), that is the primary cause. High levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) that circulate in the blood can develop into plaque, which leads to clogged arteries. This occurs when LDL Cholesterol that circulates in the blood, develops into plaque.

The body also requires HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), which carries the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) to the liver to be flushed out of the body. However, when LDL cholesterol levels are high, HDL levels are low, this results in a build up of LDL cholesterol in the body, and therefore the risk of blocked arteries.

Weight gain is also a world wide epidemic, and combined with high cholesterol levels in your blood, you are a time bomb just waiting to go off, at risk from serious and fatal illness.

For centuries, the humble chilli has been used as a health tonic in many countries, in addition to its common use in food across the globe. However, it is only now, that the Capsicum, also known as the red pepper or chilli is really coming to the fore for its healthcare benefits. It is a great solution to lowering your cholesterol, whilst also being highly beneficial for weight loss.

Until very recently we were unable to take this superfood in a supplement form, due to it aggravating the digestive tract. However, due to a recent technology launch, we are now able to take a concentrated form of this incredible weight loss food in tablet form.

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So How Can Chilli Lower My Cholesterol and Weight At The Same Time?

The capsicum, when taken in high doses, acts by considerably speeding up the metabolism and burning fat before it is able to be absorbed by the body and stored as fat. It also helps to suppress the appetite, making you much less likely to overeat, snack or binge throughout the day.

Calories that are eaten during a meal and not used immediately are converted to triglycerides and transported to fat cells to be stored. The Capsaicin stops the fat being absorbed, by raising the metabolic rate which means the fat is better mobilised around the body. The higher your metabolic rate is, the more fat you will lose.

The chilli also increases blood circulation, so more oxygen and nutrients are carried through the body at a faster and more efficient rate. This promotes a healthier body and ensures ongoing weight loss. By taking a quality capsicum supplement you will enjoy all these incredible health benefits.

The Capsicum contains vitamin C and vitamin A, which contain beta-carotenoids, which are both powerful anti-oxidants. These antioxidants eliminate free radicals and other toxins from our bodies and clear the metabolic pathways, therefore helping our body to run more efficiently. The supply of nutrients to the tissues is also increased.

If free radicals are left unchecked in the body, a build up of harmful chemicals and toxins can incur, dramatically increasing our chances of serious illness and disease.

The antioxidants in the Capsicum wipe out free radicals that can also increase cholesterol levels, which can also go on to cause heart disease.

The capsicum also contains vitamin B6 and folic acid. Vitamin B reduces high homocysteine level, which has been shown to cause damage to blood vessels and is associated with a greatly increased risk of heart attack and stroke. It also converts homocysteine into other molecules which is beneficial to lower cholesterol levels.

Capsaicin, the compound in the chilli that is responsible for its heat, also helps to reduce bad cholesterol and triglyceride (the chemical form in which most fat exists in food as well as in the body) levels. When Capsaicin is ingested, the typical increase in liver and blood serum cholesterol levels are significantly reduced.

Capsicum has also been found to help regulate blood pressure, encourage better blood circulation, and reduce common respiratory illness such as asthma, the common cold, sinusitis and bronchitis, as it also dilates the airways of the lungs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the chilli can do for us, and there really is no end to the talent of the humble little chilli!

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How A Restorative Dentist Helps Local Patients

  • Posted on June 16, 2018 at 1:09 am

byAlma Abell

Restorative dental procedures are utilized to repair the appearance and condition of your teeth. These tactics are used to prevent tooth loss and provide patients with a better smile. The procedure chosen depends on the degree of damage sustained and whether the tooth remains viable.

How Veneers Help

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A Restorative Dentist placed the veneer over broken and misshapen teeth. The process is completed in one visit. With these devices, the results are natural-looking and straight teeth. The devices eliminate gaps and spaces between the teeth. The process improves the overall appearance of teeth that are severely stained as well.

Fixed Bridges for Smokers

Smokers are at a higher risk of tooth decay than other patients. As cavities develop, they are more likely to take over the tooth at a quicker rate. This could lead to a faster breakdown of the tooth. For smokers who have severely damaged and irreparable teeth, they are most likely to lose their teeth. All teeth that are too damaged to restore are extracted.

When this occurs, the dentist uses fixed bridges to replace the teeth in wider sections. The bridges are connected with a crown at the end of each section and professional-grade adhesive along the gum line. All bridges are created based on a composite model of the patient’s teeth prior to extraction whenever possible.

When Root Canals are Possible

A damaged tooth is repaired through root canal surgery whenever possible. During this process, the dentist drills a hole into the top of the tooth. The pulp of the tooth is removed completely. After all decay is removed from the tooth, the dentist fills the tooth. If the tooth is close to the front of the mouth, they use a tooth colored resin to enable it to blend in and become less noticeable.

A Restorative Dentist performs a variety of services to returning teeth to their previous state or better. With these tactics, they help patients to maintain healthy-looking teeth. When the teeth are severely damaged, the dentist discusses all probable remedies for these issues. Patients who need to evaluate restorative services should contact Plainview Oral And Maxillofacial Associates P.C.

Cosmetic Dentistry Artist In The Wirral Uk

  • Posted on May 16, 2018 at 1:28 am

Cosmetic Dentistry Artist in the Wirral UK



Very few times is necessary to quote a small biography of a cosmetic dentistry professional but according to merits, education, client testimonials and ongoing knowledge update mentioning such professionals provide a great example of dedication and excellence in the field.

Dr Peter Fleming BDS (London), LDS RCS (Eng), MFDS RCS (Eng) is the principal surgeon in charge of operations in Castle dental care. He graduated from King’s College London in 1995. Since graduating Dr Fleming has consolidated and updated his studies in both the hospital and general dental practice setting. He has also reached prestigious status by receiving the recognition of member of the faculty of dental surgery at the royal college of surgeons of England. Due to the constant advances and changes technology brings to this field in particular, Dr Fleming is actively involved in postgraduate education and has been involved in the training of a number of newly qualified dentists.

Cosmetic dentistry is a science which involves many procedures in order to restore and provide a beautiful smile to patients who can benefit from the an improved social life. Some of these procedures are:

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Laser whitening: stained or dull teeth can be dramatically improved through this painless process, the use of veneers or bonding is also common to improve the results.

Contouring, bonding and veneers: These procedures are used to reshape and repair misshapen, chipped, or worn teeth due to lack of attention. Gaps between teeth can be easily fixed through permanent application of veneers.

Dental implants: these are performed to substitute missing teeth and are sometimes combined with bridges. When a tooth is in bad condition or is lost due to accidents this is a great alternative which can fill the space left by the missing tooth restoring a natural appearance.

Gum grafts: these are used to shape gums which are not well proportioned and might interfere with further work and alignment of teeth. Since gums are an important base tissue they need to be treated with care.

Combined techniques are frequently used in teeth restoration to achieve a natural look. People often choose this method because compared to over-the-counter alternatives, the results achieved through the hands of a qualified dentist (such as Dr Fleming) are faster and last a lot longer, this is why trusting in professionals to solve your dental problems is always the best choice.

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Dentists Claim Tooth Decay In Children Is Rising

  • Posted on March 9, 2018 at 2:51 am

Dentists Claim Tooth Decay In Children Is Rising


Abigail Aaronson

In what can only be seen as a startling failure to educate both parents and young people on the importance of good hygiene habits, new studies are showing that tooth decay is on the rise for the younger set. Not just children, but those who still have their baby teeth.

It was not that long ago that few children were susceptible to tooth decay before their permanent teeth came in, at least not in developed countries. This has changed as of late. Dentists and researchers say that the study s results are directly caused by young children consuming too much sugar.

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Along with condemning sugar, the studies have shown that both adults and children are becoming less and less familiar with their local dentists. Appointments are down considerably as people of all ages choose to skip out on their dental health. Many worry that this trend is indicative of rising health care costs, along with the sense that as long as they are brushing and flossing at home, then regular trips to the dental office aren t as necessary.

But there are flaws in this reasoning, say dentists. For one, people typically aren t as good at regular brushing and flossing as they may think they are. For instance, quick studies have shown that people miss up to fifty percent of the food and plaque on their teeth after a round of brushing.

This is due to improper technique and not taking enough time at the sink. Flossing has never been particularly popular and is often done incorrectly as well. Even performed perfectly, brushing and flossing alone are not enough and cannot hold a candle to what they can do combined with a twice yearly professional cleaning.

Dentists more or less agree, however, that sugary foods and drinks are responsible for the rise in children s tooth decay. More foods than ever before come with sugars both hidden and obvious and parents are less likely to ensure their children are eating a healthy diet. This not only leads to tooth decay, it plays an enormous role in contributing to childhood diabetes and obesity.

So what can parents do to prevent this from happening to their children? Set a good example when it comes to brushing and flossing. Monitor your children s eating habits and set rules governing the types of foods, drinks, and snacks they can eat. Make sure they get in to see the dentist at least once every six months and ask him to teach your children everything he can about developing lifelong dental habits that will prevent cavities and gum disease.

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