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Domestic Narrow Line Width Fiber Laser Taken Breakthroughs

  • Posted on June 21, 2018 at 1:37 am

By Himfr Paul

As the value of fiber laser pump power is low, conversion efficiency, cooling, and can be wide tuning range, compact structure, has become the focus of research in the field of laser. According to forecasts, the demand for fiber lasers will be more than 20% per year

Increase rate will account for the laser fiber laser over 50% market share in 2020.

According to statistics, worldwide sales of laser products has broken 10 billion U.S. dollars in 2008, the next 5 years or even hundreds of billion of billions of dollars of fiber laser products in the market realistic demand and difficult to estimate the potential market demand. Fiber lasers in economic construction, and defense and military development, and so it will gradually dominate.

In the fiber laser with very narrow line width single frequency fiber laser is a laser one important direction for development.

(1) Most laser range finder is based on pulsed laser optical time domain reflectometry principle, that is by measuring the laser pulse emission, and reflected back to the receiver by the target time difference, for distance, the accuracy of this measurement is generally a -10 meters, measuring just 10-20 km away.

YouTube Preview Image

(2) For optical fiber sensing, can also use frequency modulation continuous wave technology and principle of coherent light, ultra-high-precision, long distance and weak signal measurements.

Reflected back from the sensing fiber laser and the reference light from the local oscillator mixing together to produce a light beat, the beat and it went through the time delay difference corresponding to the sensing fiber on the distance information can be passed beat frequency measurement to obtain. Detection using this technology can achieve the sensitivity-100dB of the signal measurement.

Based on the single longitudinal mode narrow line width fiber laser fiber-optic sensing technology can be widely used in oil and gas pipeline leak monitoring, monitoring of electric power transmission loss, oil temperature and pressure of real-time monitoring.

(3) In addition, optical fiber communications, the current commercial source of the laser line width of 0.2 nm (20 dB), despite the application of DWDM technology greatly increased the number of channels of information transmission, but because of the signal source laser line width constraints, In the C-band is also only 80 channels.

Single longitudinal mode narrow line width fiber laser line width, only the current business communication light source line width one hundred thousandth, which can greatly reduce the channel width and the spacing between channels, in addition, the very narrow laser line relief smaller dispersion fiber transmission process, more conducive to long-distance transmission.

Narrow-line width fiber laser huge potential market and potential applications caused widespread concern around the world, the United States, Britain and other Western countries have invested considerable human, financial and material resources to carry out extensive research.

As the high-performance single longitudinal mode narrow line width fiber lasers in the military and other sensitive areas has broad applications, foreign material in the core technology and core aspects of the embargo imposed on China, import restrictions on products, research and development with our own knowledge of construction and development property rights of single longitudinal mode, narrow line width fiber lasers and equipment production line of great importance.

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Don’t Be Intimidated If You Need Bail In Honolulu

  • Posted on June 1, 2018 at 1:19 am

byAlma Abell

If you’ve never needed Bail in Honolulu before, it’s understandable if you’re a little puzzled over the entire process. If you’ve been arrested and arraigned, chances are your mind is already whirling, trying to get a handle on the entire situation and the last thing you need is more complications in your attempt to be released. With a phone call to a reliable, reputable bail bondsman, he can start the process of gaining your release. Your bondsman will be available to you 24/7 and he will understand the stress and anxiety you are going through, so he will respond as quickly as possible.

YouTube Preview Image

Once your bail bond agent arrives for an initial consultation, he will gather some pertinent information regarding where you live, where you work, whether or not you have a criminal record, and more. This is very personal information, but it will never be shared with a third party unless you specifically authorize it, so have no worries there. Your bondsman will also take this opportunity to explain the Bail in Honolulu process to you. At this point he can also answer any questions, and address any concerns you might have. The next step in the bail process is making arrangements to pay a portion of your bail and agreeing to pay your bond agent the balance, based on a payment plan. He will then take care of the balance of the bail amount, with the understanding that you agree to appear for all required court appearances.

If you are going to arrange Bail in Honolulu for a friend or family member, the process is very similar, except that you are the one putting up the percentage of the bail amount and agreeing to the payment plan. You will also be responsible for insuring that the individual shows up for all court proceedings. Very often collateral items will be put up as a part of the bail, but you need to be aware that these items will be held until a verdict is reached. Your bonding agent can answer questions on this matter.

Whether you are visiting the area or are a resident, Imua Bail Bonds LLC will provide you with courteous, respectful, personalized and attentive service. They will respond quickly and their longstanding relationships with local courts will ensure that you receive a speedy release. When you need Bail in Honolulu, they can offer you competitive pricing and outstanding service.

Desk Plants Promote You Company While Growing Grass

  • Posted on May 31, 2018 at 1:38 am

By Matt Franks

A touch of greenery in ones office definitely helps with the scenery. So when you start looking into promotional items to share not only with your office staff but also your customers, make it one that makes an impression. Instead of giving out calendars, key chains and stress balls, give out personal desk plants.

Personal desk plants come in a beautiful decorative tin that has your company logo embossed on the side. How many colors you can use on your promotional desk plants vary with manufacturer from single to four colors. The tins the desk plants come in are made of aluminum in brushed silver and this allows your office logo to really stand out. With a matching lid that also supports your company logo, desk plants are a unique way to reminding everyone who you are.

The desk plant tin contains everything your customers or employees need to grow some indoor grass. When you hand out this promotional item with your office information on it, the recipients will find soil and grass seeds inside. All they need to do is plant the seeds of their new desk plants in the dirt, water them, and sit back and watch the grass grow. Obviously the employees and customer whose desk plants thrive are definitely the ones that are enjoying your gift the most.

YouTube Preview Image

Like music, having desk plants in the office help your employees work better. It is a small slice of outdoors that they can enjoy on a daily basis. Think of how people will react when they see one of these desk plants on your receptionist’s desk. They will probably be intrigued with the idea that your employees are growing grass in the office in a tin that is sporting your office brand. If they are not one of your customers yet, give them one of your promotional desk plants to take back to their own office and let them grow some grass while they ponder on your business proposal. Your desk plants may be the key to winning their contract.

It is truly amazing how much time you and your employees spend in the office. The promotional desk plants are a good way of showing your employees that you really do appreciate the work they do for you on a daily basis. If you want to add a little more to the gift, why not investigate other desk plants that are available? Instead of just grass, you could give out small desk plants that grow miniature bamboo trees, tropical plants, palm trees, flowers, and even herbs. These small promotional desk plants will add a touch of feng shui to the room and soothe your employees when their nerves are rattled.

Desk plants with your office logo on the side are a great way to get the word out about your company. They are fairly inexpensive to purchase in bulk and the graphics setup for your logo may be the most you will pay out for this great promotional idea. Order some desk plants today and give them to your employees to see how they like them. Then make sure you have plenty of desk plants on hand to give to your customers. It’s a handy way of saying ‘thank you’ and that you’re there and ready to work for your customers.

About the Author: Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK’s largest supplier of Promotional Desk Plants and Branded Desk Plants at For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit


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Properties Of Acrylic Sheets (The Value Of Plastic Products)

  • Posted on April 26, 2018 at 1:26 am

By Lisa Tarticchio

Have you ever looked at something made of plastic and wondered how it was made? It’s obviously not a metal, wood or plant based derivative. To the educated person, it could be assumed that it’s made by a chemical process, but not much more about it is as easily surmised. Clearly, acrylic thermoplastics have some very interesting characteristics and properties. Of course, they are well known for their crystal clarity and outstanding weatherability. But did you also know they are available in cast sheet, rod, and tube, extruded sheet and film, and compounds for injection molding and extrusion? Acrylic can be used to manufacture brochure holders, racks, counter displays, donation / suggestion boxes and point of purchase (p.o.p) displays among other products.

Below are some general properties of acrylic sheet:

— Strong and resists weathering

— Flexible when compared with glass

— Less breakable than glass

— Abrasion resistant

YouTube Preview Image

— Can withstand sunlight for long durations

— Resistant to most chemicals and industrial fumes

— Can transmit or filter ultraviolet light

— Can be cleaned easily

— Can be cut by various methods

— Corrosion resistant

— Good insulator.

Other general properties include the ability to transmit and control light. They are also stable against discoloration, and have superior dimensional stability, as you would notice if you have an acrylic brochure display, counter display, donation / suggestion box or point of purchase (p.o.p) display. Possessing an excellent combination of structural and thermal properties, clear acrylic plastic is as transparent as the finest optical glass:

— Possess a light transmittance of 92%

— Low haze level of approximately 1%

— Index of refraction of 1.49

It also has the ability to be injected with color, producing a full spectrum of transparent, translucent, or opaque colors depending on your needs. This process does no harm in terms of long-term durability; colored acrylics can be used outdoors for a long time. Why? They are formulated to filter ultraviolet energy in the 360-nm and lower band. Other acrylic formulations are opaque to UV light or provide reduced UV transmission.

And how about mechanical properties? Although not known for having many, acrylics can be used for short-term loading. If the intended use is long-term, stresses must be limited to 1,500 psi to avoid surface cracking and deterioration.

Acrylic does well in the cold, as the impact resistance of standard formulations is maintained in these conditions. It should be noted that high-impact acrylic grades have greater impact strength than standard grades at room temperature, but impact strength decreases as temperature drops. Some types of acrylic are even known to resist bullets!

Acrylic plastics are highly scratch resistant, especially among other thermoplastics. It’s a good idea, however, to ensure proper maintenance and cleaning. Keep in mind that abrasion-resistant acrylic sheet is available and has the same optical and impact properties as standard grades. You will see this in many of our brochure displays, racks, counter displays, donation / suggestion boxes and point of purchase (p.o.p) displays.

This brings up a good point – its versatility and adaptability. Are you aware that Jet-aircraft cabin windows are made from acrylic sheet? They do this by inducing molecular orientation during forming. This proves the potential strength of acrylic sheet. How do they react to other chemicals and compounds? Acrylic sheet and moldings resist solutions of inorganic acids and alkalies and aliphatic hydrocarbons such as VM&P naphtha, as well as most detergent solutions and cleaning agents. They are attacked by chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, and ketones.

About the Author: Acrylic sheets are extremely durable and have weather resistant properties. They can be cleaned very easily and thus are excellent for making

poster frames and sign holders.


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Staff Connect Honored With Silver Status In The 9th Annual 2017 Golden Bridge Awards In The Best Depl}

  • Posted on April 9, 2018 at 1:42 am

StaffConnect Honored with Silver Status in The 9th Annual 2017 Golden Bridge Awards In the Best Depl



London and San Francisco, CA, September 01, 2017 – StaffConnect, provider of the world’s leading enterprise mobile employee engagement platform, today announced it has earned the prestigious Silver status in the Golden Bridge Awards. Recognized in the Best Deployments and Success Stories category, StaffConnect stood-out for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte’s deployment of its StaffConnect Mobile App Platform to boost employee engagement.

YMCA of Greater Charlotte had four main goals in relation to increasing the engagement levels of its vast network of 4,700 employees and volunteers. They wanted to:

Give all employees a voice by creating an open communication channel to connect them

Keep employees updated with the latest organizational goals and fundraising initiatives

Drive loyalty, retention and support among their front-line teams by keeping them informed and engaged

Partner with a provider that had communications expertise to guide them on best-practice communication and content strategy

The YMCA Greater Charlotte had evaluated other mainstream social media platforms before discovering that the key to achieving their goals was integrally connected to a new mobile-enabled technology. The StaffConnect platform offered personalization and an engaging user experience to engender support among staff, helping them do their jobs with increased convenience and efficiency. StaffConnect combines its mobile technology with a unique AppSuccess program which offered access to domain experts that partnered with the YMCA to create a winning communication strategy. This was key to gaining fast user adoption and interaction with the mobile engagement platform; and helped energize and connect their entire workforce of fulltime employees and volunteers regardless of title or geographic location, desk-based or in the field.

“With an historic number of nominations received, the competition was especially heated for this year’s Golden Bridge Awards,” said San Madan, President at Golden Bridge Awards. “We congratulate StaffConnect, together with all of the 2017 Golden Bridge Awards winners, on this well-deserved and enviable accomplishment.”

“We are delighted to have been singled-out by the esteemed judges of the Golden Bridge Awards and named a Silver honoree especially as it is in the Best Deployments and Success Stories category in recognition of superior end-client results,” said Geraldine Osman, Vice President of Marketing, StaffConnect. “It is not only a testament to StaffConnect’s commitment to transforming employee engagement through innovative technology, but to our progressive clients like the YMCA of Greater Charlotte who had the foresight to recognize the bottom-line importance of connecting, communicating and engaging with their distributed workforce.”

The coveted annual Golden Bridge Awards program encompasses the world’s best in organizational performance, innovations, products and services, executives and management teams, women in business and the professions, innovations, best deployments, product management, public relations, marketing, corporate communications, international business, and customer satisfaction programs from every major industry in the world. Organizations from all over the world are eligible to submit nominations including public and private, for-profit and non-profit, largest to smallest and new start-ups.

Winners will be honored in San Francisco on Monday, September 18, 2017 during the annual Red Carpet Golden Bridge Awards Ceremony.

Tweet this: .@StaffConnectApp Wins Silver in 2017 Golden Bridge Awards for @YMCACharlotte Deployment of #MobileApp Platform

About the Golden Bridge Awards

Golden Bridge Awards are an annual industry and peers recognition program honoring best companies in every major industry from large to small and new start-ups in North America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin-America, Best New Products and Services, Best Innovations, Management and Teams, Women in Business and the Professions, Case Studies, Customer Satisfaction, and PR and Marketing Campaigns from all over the world. Learn more about Golden Bridge Awards at

About StaffConnect

StaffConnect delivers the world’s leading mobile employee engagement platform. The StaffConnect solution transforms the employee experience by enabling large enterprises to connect, communicate and engage their entire workforce, especially remote, non-desk employees. The customer-branded mobile app gives employees ‘a voice’ – with access to company and user-generated content to increase loyalty and productivity. The cloud-hosted platform empowers employers to target that content, with analytics, to deepen engagement with everyone. From offices in London and San Francisco, StaffConnect’s platform and domain expertise are supporting large businesses around the world to inspire their workforces to deliver better performance, improved customer experiences and greater shareholder value. For further information, please visit:


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