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Ride Your Cares Away At Bourne Vale}

  • Posted on April 9, 2018 at 1:15 am

Ride Your Cares Away at Bourne Vale


naomi28jjRiding horses is no longer a necessity for getting around, but those who do ride would say it is a necessity for the soul. Riding horses is about more than transportation – especially now when it is no longer the primary mode used – it is about learning and feeding something in yourself that has to do with care, and kindness and freedom. Getting on the back of a horse and taking a gallop is akin to flying – it is joyful and exciting and just plain fun. Learning to ride can be a bit of a trick. There is quite a bit more to it than just hoping on and holding on to hope for the best. Learning to ride the right way means starting from the ground up – proper way to saddle, mount, sit, balance and hold the reins for a start. You have to know about proper saddling to ensure that if your horse is already saddled, then it is done correctly to ensure your own safety – the cinch is tightened enough but not too much, it is sitting in the proper position on the horse’s back so you are in the right position when you’re sitting there, and having your stirrup leathers set to the correct length so placing your feet in them actually does you some good. And that’s just the saddle. As you learn from horse riding Birmingham experts, mounting from the correct side of the horse, which is on the left by the way, and how to sit down once you’re levered up need to be understood and practiced. How to balance your weight side to side and back to front to stay in the middle of the horse and not be in danger of falling off, and the proper way to hold the reins for enough tension to make your direction known without causing pain or discomfort to your four-legged friend are the most important basics. After that, you just do the same things at different speeds, learning how to move with the horse instead of in opposition and before you know it you are balanced at all times and having fun. As you can see from just this much, the learning process of riding has depth and might take you a while to become proficient, but the practice is always a good time. And there are more things to learn as well such as daily horse care, feeding, working with injuries and dealing with situations where your horse doesn’t want what you want. Then there are higher levels of learning that take you into competition like show jumping, dressage and eventing. The place to do all this and more in the West Midlands is Bourne Vale Riding Stables. This thriving and picturesque piece of rural activity in the heart of the Midlands provides lessons, a pony club, advanced learning and competition to children from age 5 and up through adults of all ages. You become part of the Bourne Vale community of horse lovers and riders when you’re there among the warm smells of horse and leather and hay.

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