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Commentary Concerning The Article: How Important Are Your Beliefs?

Submitted by: Dave Almeida

I want clarify some issues concerning my article entitled How Important are Beliefs. I received a candid comment from the perspective of an intelligent and intuitive gentleman on another website where this article is posted. Feedback regarding my ideas is always appreciated. He was correct in pointing out that the words in my article seem to convey a tone of disappointment. I related my pastor s comments concerning my metaphysical theories because I think it demonstrates how we have difficulty seeing the effect our beliefs have on our relationships. This unfortunate attitude escalates and contributes to global conflict. I also should have stated that my pastor s views do not necessarily reflect that of Spiritualists as whole. The reason being, beliefs are only partially based on the influence of others. They are also based on an individual s experience.

There seems to be some confusion about my expectation of people to elevate themselves to higher levels of awareness, rather than my confidence in their ability to achieve great things for themselves and the human race. This reader mentioned soul-saving, which I have heard before. That s a reasonable interpretation of the impression my article gives. What he says is true. A spiritual advisor cannot have the expectation that a person will jump your level of understanding. We are all going at our own pace. That fact does not put any individual in a lower spiritual class. There is no status or prestige built into the spiritual evolutionary process. My opinions are no more valid than anyone else s. The levels these illumined / enlightened / psychic people talk about are merely to establish a reference point. This are these illusory levels and do not imply superiority, nor should they be taken as such. This is the reason I am not particularly fond of the fraternal orders which adopt the degree system. Not that they are misusing the concept. It just sends a confusing message to people on the outside. I m sure that s not the intent of these forward thinkers. I do believe it s possible that the Spirit World has a hierarchal order to it in terms of how access to knowledge is granted. I doubt they operate this system with an attitude of self-importance. I am posting my reply from this gentleman to provide some insight into my thoughts on this subject. I feel it s an interesting discussion for those who believe that they have awakened to the Truth as this reader obviously has.

Author s Response


Those are insightful comments. I m glad you posted. I agree with you on all counts. I do understand that beliefs are extremely important to every living being. I have maintained this from the beginning. I would never ask someone to let go of their belief system in favor of one that I feel is superior. Especially since we all have valuable experiences and thoughts that may contribute to a correct understanding of the Truth. You are right. It is a bit frustrating that these incompatible energies cannot merge. If that’s what we’re talking about. I realize that everyone is going at their own pace. No one can claim to be higher in spirit than anyone else. Clearly we are all learning. I also agree that conflict is an important factor in the learning process. I completely understand what you are saying.

On the other hand, you know what I mean by awakening others. If you want to call it soul-saving, that’s fine. I tend to dislike the term “save,” because of the connotation it s been given. What I’m trying to say is that nothing bad is going to happen to anyone by opening their eyes. It’s just my hope that humanity as a whole (Global Consciousness) will eventually awaken. I feel as many others do that humanity is in a transformational period. I can’t say I know exactly what that means for us. Some people claim it to be a period of enlightenment. I’ve heard others call it apocalyptic. They could both be right or totally wrong. I have an intuitive feeling that we are nearing the end of our journey. At least in the way we have been permitted to travel it. Again, that’s just the “feeling” I get. But if it is true, do we have a responsibility to apply ourselves, or do we sit back and allow things to run their course as we have throughout history? That’s the soul-saving part I guess. I’m not suggesting people go door to door exclaiming the coming of the Divine Transformation. I know we can’t directly insert ourselves into the lives of others, hoping to change their outlook. I’ve learned that lesson. However, I do believe it’s okay for people like you and I to make ourselves available as guides to point out the pot holes they keep falling into. The spirits work with us that way all of the time. I want to point out that I’ve fallen into plenty of my own pot holes.

I spent a significant amount of time assisting in the defense of criminals (which is probably where I get this urge to save people). I saw the same people getting themselves into the same trouble over and over. It wasn’t that it was the same person doing it. They were all the same person. Many of them never learned or accomplished their missions. They just died as a result of their inability to make good decisions. It’s not for me to judge their character (perhaps their behavior), but clearly you know when someone is on the wrong path. Some people’s lives go on and on that way. Life after life. This seems unnecessary. It’s not that they don’t have the capacity to do the right thing. It’s something else. I think a lot of it has to do with them not knowing what you and I know about the universe. At least the piece of it that we do know. It seems like a simple thing to let them in on it if is appropriate and reasonable to do so. There’s a lot of room for discussion here. I’m certainly not the authority on the matter.

I’m glad I caught your comment. You raise some good points. I did put some thought into this reply. Thanks!

Readers Reply

The reader appreciated my lengthy response to his comment. He said I wrote it with insight and tact. The reader reflected that he only got to where he is in life because people were kind enough to guide him in making good choices. He also pointed out that one must have the curiosity and desire to accept the advice being offered. I agree that this is an essential element. An individual must be ready and willing to make the leap in spiritual understanding. I ll also add that the person must be interested in what you have to say. Otherwise, a positive and constructive relationship cannot develop. As my commenter suggests, people will continue in their struggles until they have had enough. At that point, they will look for the guidance that leads to the path of illumination. It may be as this reader claims that the human race may need to hit rock bottom before their awareness expands enough to see beyond the illusory nature of reality. These are all excellent thoughts on the matter. I concluded that a hands-off policy or at least a minimal contact (self-imposed) rule may be appropriate.

Being awakened doesn t make life any easier, but in a sense, having an understanding of reality makes it easier to manage. Anyone who has had the awakening experience will attest to this statement.

About the Author: David Almeida is a Spiritualist and researcher of Rosicrucian philosophy and esoteric knowledge. David is a past article contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence and other New Age magazines. He has also earned the title of Board Certified Hypnotist and Reiki healer. David is the author of The First Truth: A Book of Metaphysical Theories and Illusion of the Body: Introducing the Body Alive Principle. Both books can be purchased at


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