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What Makes Bmw The Best Selling Luxury Car Brand In India?

  • Posted on March 12, 2018 at 3:11 am

What makes BMW the Best-Selling Luxury Car Brand in India? by AvinashBMW dealerships like OSL Prestige Kolkata display BMW 6 series Gran Coupe, 7 series and brand new fleet at their exclusive showroom. Their inventory contain some of the most powerful & gently used luxury cars like BMW 3 series, 5 series and many more.If you have ever driven a BMW car, you must be aware that there is something special with these vehicles. The way the car looks; feels and handles attracts a lot of car enthusiasts all over the world. Ever since the introduction of BMW as a brand, its engineers have been dedicatedly working and putting their best efforts to give that ultimate experience to its drivers. This is why; the Munich-based luxury automobile marque is known to innovate with every new development. Once someone has any of the BMW car series in their fleet inventory, they tend to stay true to the brand. To understand BMW cars better, you need to drive a car at least once. We have compiled a few reasons why you should definitely own a BMW car in your vehicular pack.BMW ConnectedDriveThis Munich-based premium automobile brand offers ConnectedDrive that ensures you are always connected during your commute. Drivers can have up-to-date traffic information and stream music seamlessly. For a better driving experience, a few more apps are infused in these cars such as BMW Routes, BMW’s ECO PRO Analyzer and a GoPro app. These apps are designed to offer you a safe and quick drive.EfficientDynamics PackageThough a BMW new car will cost you a lot more than many economical vehicles, it can still save you money in the long run thanks to the EfficientDynamics package. This new feature in the BMW vehicles is designed to consume less fuel and release less emissions. The EfficientDynamics package is infused in every BMW, so you don’t have to lend extra money for this luxury.High-Quality VehiclesBMW as a brand is known to create vehicles that are beautifully designed and offer excellent performance as well. The inside of BMW is just as high-quality as the outside. These cars can gladly tackle most terrains, including snow and off-road conditions. The technology infused in the car is top-of-the-line as well. Incorporated PersonalityYour car greatly exhibits your personality and BMW goes beyond many other marques to deliver personalization to your car. Simply pick any of the BMW car series and horsepower. Once you are done, you can customize the car as per your personality. Choose from the available ten color options for the outside and then modify the inside the way you want. While there are a lot of cars in the luxury segment that are competitive with the BMW, these cars are better than others in terms of technology. Don’t agree? You should definitely visit OSL Prestige in Kolkata, an authorized BMW dealership and experience how it feels to drive a BMW model. The dealership has a range of models from the BMW marque. You can schedule a test drive and decide which model best suits your personality.BMW OSL Prestige Kolkata is pleased to offer all kinds of used and new luxury cars at very reasonable prices with a test drive option for your chosen variant. Hurry! Call us todayArticle Source:

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