8 Things To Keep In Mind While Using Car Care Products

  • Posted on June 14, 2018 at 1:37 am

Submitted by: G Jenkins

If you are one of those people who are completely in love with their car, and are always trying to find how they can maintain their car best, this article is for you. You ll find some great tips to keep your car healthy and out on the road rather than in the repair shop.

1) First of all, always, always follow the manufacturer s tips. This will not only ensure that your car stays in top condition but will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

2) Look at the warranty. If it does not state that you have to get repairs done by the dealer, you may be able to have your own mechanic fix problems with your car to help save some money.

3) Some parts of the car need to be replaced from time to time. These include fuel filters, belts and timing belts, which tend to wear out. Keep track of when these need to be changed. That way, you can plan, budget and save ahead of time. You also won t have to dish out a hefty sum if you don t wait till the parts give way.

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4) Car repair prices are not the same all over the country. They vary from place to place, repair to repair and car to car. So it may not be easy to determine if you were charged fairly or not. You can use the Internet to get a rough idea of what is the real cost, but online estimates sometimes miss the mark by hundreds of dollars. You might have to get repairs done from time to time over a few years. You might not be overcharged by thousands of dollars, but a little bit at a time, which makes a lot of difference too.

You have to have some idea about what car care products you absolutely need and which you can do without. Tips to help follow:

A) Car waxes are products that take the dullness off the exterior of an old car and replace it with a nice, subtle sheen. You can get your car waxed twice a year if it is getting old. If you do this, you will be fighting dirt build up and your vehicle will look like new even after prolonged years of use.

B) Car polishes intensively clean the outside of your car with their abrasive nature. They can conceal paint defects by deflecting light off the body of your car. Invest in a good polish – the cheap varieties may damage the paint. Good car polishes are easy to wipe off and buff.

C) Teflon-based additives you can pour into your engine oil will keep the car safe, even if you are remiss and do not change it for sometime. If you use them every 50000 miles, your car and its engine will be well protected from damage.

D) As for the car interior, dashboard, glove compartment and seats and ceiling, you can use a mild car shampoo to keep them clean. This you can do once every year.

However, don t go overboard with car cleaning and use products in excessive quantities, just be regular and keep your car in proper condition.

Print out this article and keep it in a handy location. Follow up and get and keep your vehicle in good shape all year long.

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