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What It Takes To Make It At A Pr New York Firm These Days

What it Takes to Make it at a PR New York firm these Days


Kevin Waddel

Every day a number of resumes cross my desk from young hopefuls seeking a career in PR, particularly PR New York as this town is deemed to the capital of the trade. What does it take to make it at a PR New York firm? The ability to multitask at the speed of sound and the willingness to take on more responsibility.

To be a good public relations professional at a PR New York firm these days takes more than just putting together a decent press release or securing a media hit or two. It also means being able to perform a number of very different roles. Over the last couple of years as most of us employed by a PR New York firm would know, the job of a PR professional has become so integrated with other departments that he has also become the brand management consultant, crisis communications expert, strategic communication specialist and the advertiser for many companies. And technology has become a two-edged sword while making our lives easier, it has also complicated things as well


Sure anybody can set up a Facebook page, a YouTube channel or a Twitter account; however as any professional with a PR New York firm will tell you that it is important to understand how technology can be used to its maximum advantage. One of the trends pioneered by those of us employed by a

PR New York

firm is the establishment and refinement of strategic communication, in essence the integration of PR and advertising. As we in the world of the PR New York well understand clients don’t want separate departments and it’s to their best advantage to have both departments working together. While they tend to have different objectives and use the media in different ways there is a need to harness these platforms of commercial persuasion.

The trend is global in scope and has been fueled in part by the economic downturn as clients seek to maximize constrained or decreasing marketing budgets. PR New York firm pros have learned that they need to integrate information across different platforms and that PR is changing all the time and the solutions that used to work in the past, do not necessarily work today.

Media channels too have become diversified and for those of us at PR New York firms understand we have to deliver content that is relevant across multiple channels. The recent emergence of social media in public relations is increasing job growth. And, many a PR New York firm has expanded the use of these tools and specialists with skills in them are now more needed than ever.

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