Cosmetic Dentistry Artist In The Wirral Uk

Cosmetic Dentistry Artist in the Wirral UK



Very few times is necessary to quote a small biography of a cosmetic dentistry professional but according to merits, education, client testimonials and ongoing knowledge update mentioning such professionals provide a great example of dedication and excellence in the field.

Dr Peter Fleming BDS (London), LDS RCS (Eng), MFDS RCS (Eng) is the principal surgeon in charge of operations in Castle dental care. He graduated from King’s College London in 1995. Since graduating Dr Fleming has consolidated and updated his studies in both the hospital and general dental practice setting. He has also reached prestigious status by receiving the recognition of member of the faculty of dental surgery at the royal college of surgeons of England. Due to the constant advances and changes technology brings to this field in particular, Dr Fleming is actively involved in postgraduate education and has been involved in the training of a number of newly qualified dentists.

Cosmetic dentistry is a science which involves many procedures in order to restore and provide a beautiful smile to patients who can benefit from the an improved social life. Some of these procedures are:


Laser whitening: stained or dull teeth can be dramatically improved through this painless process, the use of veneers or bonding is also common to improve the results.

Contouring, bonding and veneers: These procedures are used to reshape and repair misshapen, chipped, or worn teeth due to lack of attention. Gaps between teeth can be easily fixed through permanent application of veneers.

Dental implants: these are performed to substitute missing teeth and are sometimes combined with bridges. When a tooth is in bad condition or is lost due to accidents this is a great alternative which can fill the space left by the missing tooth restoring a natural appearance.

Gum grafts: these are used to shape gums which are not well proportioned and might interfere with further work and alignment of teeth. Since gums are an important base tissue they need to be treated with care.

Combined techniques are frequently used in teeth restoration to achieve a natural look. People often choose this method because compared to over-the-counter alternatives, the results achieved through the hands of a qualified dentist (such as Dr Fleming) are faster and last a lot longer, this is why trusting in professionals to solve your dental problems is always the best choice.

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