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Following a collaboration in 2008 between former pro-cyclist Chris Boardman and Halfords bike and car store, Boardman Bikes are a relatively new entry to the road bicycle and mountain bikes market. As a former Olympic gold medallist on the cycle track and holder of the prestigious yellow jersey in the Tour de France following time trial stage wins, Chris Boardman has brought all of his skill and knowledge to the Boardman road bikes range. The combination of Chris systematic and technologically driven innovations and Halfords respected place in the bike and car distribution chain has seen Boardman Bikes go from strength to strength. Boardman Bikes are available from their website but are also exclusively sold via the Halfords chain. To further promote the partnership, Halfords have formed and sponsored a pro-cycle team, Team Halfords Bikehut. To cater for all level of cyclist, from beginner through to pro and club riders, a comprehensive range of road bikes have been introduced. Factory-fitted with a choice of quality equipment, all Boardman Bikes are built to a high standard. The Boardman Pro Carbon RP is the top of the road bike range. Fitted with an ultra light unidirectional T800 carbon fibre monocoque frame and an SRAM Red 20 speed group set, the Pro Carbon RP is an impressive machine. As standard, Zipp 404 carbon wheels are fitted, and a choice of clincher or tubular rims are available. The Pro Carbon RP is finished with a Ritchey WCS kit, including a Ritchey carbon seat post. The next bike in the range is the Boardman Pro Carbon which has the same ultra light carbon frame as the Pro Carbon RP, but comes fitted with an SRAM S900 carbon fibre chain set, SRAM force gearing and Ritchey WCS wheels with a sealed bearing cartridge. The Pro Carbon bike’s finishing kit is the Ritchey WCS Pro. Other bikes in the range include the Boardman Team, Boardman Carbon, Boardman Comp and Boardman Comp SC road models.

Chris Boardman MBE is an Olympic, Triple World champion and World

Record Holder.


Chris has excelled at the highest levels within cycling and he remains at the heart of British cycling today. He is often cited as being an inspiration to the current generation of successful cyclists. Chris is passionate about cycling and it is positive impact on the nation and the environment. He wants as many people as possible to share in his passion and experience the thrill of cycling for themselves.

Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman shows off his unique bike design which he not only says will be common in 20 years but is also theft-proof and features puncture-free tires. The futuristic-looking creation boasts a complete carbon fiber body with a built-in locking anti-theft mechanism which can only be activated by the touch of the bike owner s fingerprints. Addition features include a calorie monitoring system, battery-powered assistance, and aforementioned puncture-free tires that have the ability to self-inflate.

Boardman had this to say:

It could be built now if there was a will. All the technologies are already there, it s just that nobody s put them all together before.

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