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Explore Your Creative Abilities With A Graphic Design Programme

Explore your creative abilities with a Graphic Design programme



When you commute to office every day, huge billboards looking down upon you seem attractive enough to command your attention and you end up reading the content on it. Behind these fascinating designs, is the shrewd brain and hard work of graphic designers who with their creativity rule the world and our minds to a considerable extent?

A career in designing is exciting and highly creative. You can unleash your creativity in creating things like advertisements, brochures, billboards, magazines and newspaper layouts and in many more allied industries which require designing. A student of a designing course gets to play with colors, patterns to give the promotion of a product a highly illustrative look. Your innovative thinking will enable you to grab wonderful opportunities in the competitive field of graphic. With marketing getting competitive day by day, there is a high demand for designers who can think out of the box. Moreover, digital marketing is a booming profession which requires a large number of graphic designers having the requisite knowledge and skills which can be acquired after doing a


course in Graphic Design


If you have the creative talent and want a thorough training and knowledge of this creative field, you ought to choose a great Graphic design school. A design school will teach the nuances and minutest details of this ever growing field and put you on the verge of a great career in designing on the completion of the course.

WLCI, is one of the best

graphic design schools

in the country offering courses for under-graduates, graduates and working professionals. WLCI offers Advertising & Graphic Design programmes which focus on numerous aspects of this creative field such as Art, Design Media Practice, Visual Communication, Advertising Campaigns, Typographic Skills, Photographic Techniques, Drawing Techniques and Interactive Media Web Authoring etc.

The course curriculum is industry oriented and developed in association with seasoned professionals who have had their share of success in this booming industry of advertising and still going strong! The students at this design institution get a hands-on experience by working part-time in the industry and are able to grab the skills of designing taking into account its aesthetic and commercial aspects. They also get to learn about the client s demands and ability to create/modify their work accordingly. This is possible with its Traineeship Advantage program which provides the students the opportunity to work in the industry right from the beginning of the course. For more information on the program, feel free to visit

WLCI is one of the best professional training institutions offering courses in Advertising & Graphic Design. This Advertising &

Graphic Design institution

thoroughly focuses on imparting relevant knowledge and skills to the students. .

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