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Natural Health &Amp; Holistic Medicine Verses Doctors &Amp; Conventional Medicine

  • Posted on July 30, 2018 at 3:10 pm

By Lyn Nichols

Our argument for choosing Natural Therapies over conventional medicine is this……… Healers/Natural Therapists understand that illness begins with a blockage or disruption in a person’s energy field. Physical illness is the body’s way of making us aware that there are nutritional and/ or emotional issues that need to be addressed. The physical symptoms we are experiencing are the result of these unattended issues and the imbalance they have caused to the energy field, which over time has manifested into disease of the physical body. If we look at all physical symptoms as a warning sign that something is not right in the energetic field, we allow ourselves the opportunity of complete healing rather than superficial healing of the symptoms only.

Natural Therapists/Healers believe and have proven, that everything is curable. By working with a Natural Therapist or Spiritual Healer we can uncover the cause of the energy disruption and then work to restore the energy field back into balance, automatically resulting in the healing of any physical manifestations of illness we are experiencing. Simply put, ‘illness is Dis-ease of the energetic body’, caused when one or more chakra become blocked, resulting in unbalance of the energy field, which over time manifests into the physical element of ourselves, resulting in disease or illness of some form.

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So if this is the case, surely it makes sense then, that a healer must consider not only the physical aspect of the body, but also the energetic level where it began in the first place. This is Holistic Healing. Conventional medicine deals with the physical only, treatment is based on dealing with the symptoms a person is having and not on the cause itself. No wonder so many people are able to rid themselves of an illness or disease with conventional medicine, only to find that it later returns, maybe time and time again. It is because they are dealing with the symptom and not the cause. If we could use conventional medicine less and only then in conjunction with natural therapies, we believe every individual would be a lot better off.

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Conventional medicine can rid the body of the symptoms of a disease, giving a person the time necessary to deal with the emotional cause of the disease they are experiencing, after all, often we are unaware we have these emotional issues until they have manifested into the physical. Natural Healing techniques are holistic, dealing with the whole of a person, body, mind and spirit. When we can appreciate that we are much more than just ‘a body’, this holistic form of healing will make complete sense. Why would we deal with only one aspect of ourselves, when we have the means right here, at our fingertips, to deal with the body in a holistic manner. You may be thinking ‘How can our thoughts and emotions be the cause of disease and illness?’ Dr Masaru Emoto has proven through experimentation that our thoughts are powerful enough to affect the crystal formations in water. When negative thoughts were directed into a bottle of water that was then frozen, the crystals became smudged and deformed. When loving thoughts were directed into a bottle of water from the exact same source, the crystals were perfectly formed. Imagine then the power our thoughts have over our own bodies and reality. For example, if we are told when we are a child that we are a terrible person and we spend most of our life believing this to be true and thinking these negative thoughts about ourselves, lowering our natural vibratory rate, eventually this negativity will manifest into some form of physical illness, depending on which chakra is affected by the negative thoughts and emotions you have been having. A Natural Therapist will work with the energy field, clearing the negative energy. The whole pattern of your thoughts can be changed so that you are released from the beliefs you may have held most of your life and that are often detrimental to your happiness and health. “This is dealing with the cause, not just the symptoms.

Quantum Science is now proving that we are all made up of energy, as is everything in the Universe (see movie ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’). Every cell in our physicality, to every thought going through our mind, it’s all energy. The energy making up our physical bodies is vibrating at a slower rate than the surrounding energy field called the Aura. The Aura is the part of us, along with the Chakra System, that is affected by emotions and thoughts about ourselves and others. The Chakra absorbs and distributes vibrant life force energy to the different areas of the physical body. When there’s an imbalance or blockage in one or more chakra, (caused by traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs about ourselves, anxiety, stress, toxins, bad nutrition, posture, lack of exercise, remaining in a situation that is not harmonious for our soul, or anything that causes us to feel negative emotions), this life force energy cannot be distributed to the areas of the body that relate to that particular chakra, resulting in depression or disease. If we are all vibrating energy, it makes complete sense then, that Energy, Vibrational and Spiritual Healing along with all other Natural Healing modalities become part of our everyday reality, for maintaining general wellbeing and harmony of the body, mind and spirit. Why wait until your emotional issues manifest into the physical when you can work with a Healer/Natural Therapist today to be rid of any dis-ease of the energy field, before it manifests as illness or disease of the physical body.

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