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Planning The Interior Paint Scheme Of Your Monroe Nc House

  • Posted on September 18, 2019 at 1:39 am

Planning The Interior Paint Scheme Of Your Monroe NC House


Chet Arthur

Planning your interior painting project is an important part of creating the feel you want to achieve in your Monroe NC home. Here is a step by step blueprint to achieving the look and feel you desire.

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First Things First Look around each room you will be painting. Make a list of the features or existing finishes that are “permanent”. This would include things like cabinets, brick or stone features (for instance a fireplace), even tile work or special flooring. You will want your interior paint selections to complement these features. For example, if you have wood cabinets or other trim with a red undertone, or perhaps a red brick fireplace, make sure the paint scheme you decide on matches up well with these hues.Where Do You Want To Focus Attention? Throughout your house, you will wan to have focal points. Your painting scheme can help create these areas of focus. Emphasize specific architectural features that you find attractive in your home. In the living or dining rooms, these may include crown molding or arched window treatments. Use contrasting paint — shades of paint lighter or darker than the wall color — or a glossy finish to accomplish this. You may also create an ‘accent wall’ by paining one wall a different color, giving it a faux finish, or even applying wallpaper or a unique border.Ease Transitions; Use Color To Unify By using a common color palette, you can create a unified flow through adjoining rooms in your house. This will make the transition between rooms feel more natural. Use lighter shades in walkways and halls that may be naturally darker, and deeper shades in rooms with abundant sunlight. You can create clearly distinct spaces by altering the shade and hue of a particular space more abruptly. As long as you maintain the common color palette, it will still feel natural and consistent.To Emphasize or Minimize, That Is The Question? You can use color very adeptly to emphasize and de-emphasize different features. For example, a room that is long and marrow will feel wider if the shorter walls are painted slightly darker than the long walls. A ceiling will appear higher if you use a lighter cooler, and lower if you choose a color that is darker. Remember the doppler effect? If you want to make a large room feel more intimate and less cavernous, paint the walls in shades of red, gold orange or brown. These colors seem to advance toward you. In the same fashion, for a small room to feel larger, use colors that “recede”, such as blue, green or violet.Be Attentive to Light Sources Colors may appear different under different lighting conditions, like those that may occur throughout the course of the day. Incandescent light have a warm tone that will create a different feeling than that of natural sunlight during the day. Be aware of how these dynamics can affect your choice of paint colors. If you pay attention and choose your colors wisely throughout your house, you can match the “mood” of your house with the pattern of your lifestyle and the pace of your day. A qualified, exprienced Monroe NC house painter can help you accomplish this.

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