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Tricks In Making Small Bath And Shower Areas Look Bigger

  • Posted on February 22, 2018 at 2:59 am

By Jessie Hosler

Like any other areas of the house, our bathrooms need all the care and attention they can get to make them appealing, presentable and pleasing not only to the eyes of homeowners and other members of the family, but also to the visiting guests as well. Despite its significance, it is the most neglected area of the house because majority of homeowners believed that the living room, kitchen and bedroom are more important compared to the bath and shower areas. They failed to realize that it is one of the focal points needed in increasing the net worth of their houses.

Moreover, the bathroom is not only needed for property appraisal, but it is an important part of our daily routine. It is where we take a bath, where we brush our teeth, where we remove our waste and where we re-energize and rejuvenate ourselves when we are down and troubled. Since it is our priceless sanctuary, it is just right that it should be cared for always.

No matter how small our budget is, there are always ways to make it pleasing and beautiful. With just a few twist, turns and additions of bathroom gadgets, fixtures and equipment, you can transform your bathroom without breaking your bank.

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Cost-efficient methods in making small bathrooms look bigger: 1. Tiles and shower curtains If you cannot afford to change the tiles with new ones, you can always paint it over with a lighter shade of tile paint. It is an inexpensive way to alter and make the space look bigger. You can also change the shower curtains with lighter shade of colors. Replacing the shower curtains and lightening the tiles are fantastic ways of improving your bathroom space. If you have green soap holders and accents, you can opt for mint green and other lighter shades of green for your tile paint and shower curtains.

2. Lighting It is another vital element in interior designing which can either make or break your interior design. It never fails to transform a space to make it bigger than its actual size. Illuminate the dark areas of the bathroom by installing wall sconces, ceiling lights and skylights to add light to dark areas of the bathroom.

3. Mirror It is another element which can change the ambiance, can complement with the lighting fixtures and can make the room look bigger. Install the mirror in front of the sink to reflect the lights and illuminate the whole area. You can also incorporate a long mirror on the opposite walls to have an illusion of never ending space. It can also be used to give an illusion of additional windows.

4. Clutter Be sure to remove the clutter inside the room because all the mess and clutter will make the bathroom looks smaller. Use your creativity to organize things out.

No matter how small your bathroom is, there are always ways on how you can change the ambiance and expand the look of the room. It is just matter of creativeness and ingenuity to do things right.

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