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Add A Unique Twist To Easter Dessert With Marshmallow Peeps

By Robert Skvorecz

For many families, getting ready for Easter dinner means preparing a ham, dyeing some eggs and breaking out the dinner chafers to keep food hot throughout the evening. Yet while most families will be having a traditional meal with familiar courses and deserts, some intrepid chefs will venture off the beaten path and prepare unique and one-of-a-kind recipes to make their holiday meal something special. Chefs trying to turn a few heads with their Easter-themed dessert might consider using some unusual ingredients, like marshmallow peeps.

For the uninitiated, peeps are small fluorescent marshmallow candies shaped like bunnies and baby chicks. Over the years, the popular Easter treat has found its way into a number of after dinner treats like cupcakes, cookies and even mixed drinks.

One of the more challenging peep recipes is the so-called Easter Turducken. For this culinary concoction, intrepid chefs will require a package of peeps, a box of miniature Cadbury cream eggs and a hollow chocolate bunny.


Simply cut a small hole in the bottom of a peep and push the egg into the treat. Next break the chocolate bunny and use pieces of the crumbled candy to cover the hole. Heat the treats in a lined dinner chafer near the end of the meal and serve to hungry and happy guests. Wire chafing stands provide a safe and sturdy way to keep delicious meals hot throughout the holiday celebration and ensure each bite is as fresh as the last. Wire chafing stands are very important tools in keeping dishes hot, as well as making an event a true success. The strength and durability of wire chafing stands help determine how successful both the food and the holiday meal will be.

‘Besides thinner wire and less substantial welds designed to save material costs, typical wire chafer stands made overseas today are placing support legs in a very narrow pattern to save shipping and storage costs,” explains Skvorecz. “The risk to consumers is that this dramatically reduces their stability. The legs are just too close together for safety’s sake making it far too easy to accidentally tip over.”

Skorr wire chafer stands use a multi-patented design with four flat-bottomed corner legs for the widest stance and greatest stability in the market. Because the legs are placed in the corners with a stance significantly wider than typical overseas product, the wire chafer stand has maximum lateral support to prevent tipping and rollovers.

For greater structural integrity to prevent collapse, Skorr uses wire of significantly heavier gauge and stronger welds than imported competitors. For critical support of the food and steam trays, which can weigh up to 30 lbs. when fully loaded with heavy entrees and water, Skorr’s design provides eight vertical supports extending from the table to the upper rim vs. typically four for imported chafer products.

The company’s design also protects retailers and caterers from the fire hazard of customers trying to put lit fuel cans under the wire chafer stand, rather than placing the can, then lighting it. Since Skorr’s design avoids the vertical wires midway between the length of the foodtray, which is typical in imported wire chafer stands. This eliminates the drop hazard of customers snagging their thumbs on the wires.

Skorr wire chafer stands have won the Best Quality Award from the Professional Chefs Association. Unlike imported products – which can contain sharp edges due to handmade production processes – Skorr wire chafer stands are precision-made and environmentally friendly. Skorr wire chafer stands are irreplaceable for any party, tailgating, or catering event.

About the Author: Robert Skvorecz is the owner of Skorr Products, which he founded in 1992. His backgrounds in both marketing and product and machine design have allowed him to develop affordable, convenient, and sturdy wire chafing racks for Skorr Products.


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