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What It Takes To Start Your Own Cleaning Service Business

By Loren Yadeski

One of the things we assume when we start something is our interest in it. We would want to see that what we started would end up successful and that our ideas come to bear results through others who put them into practice. Our interest should carry our endeavor to completion so that others will also benefit from the fruits of our labor. The cleaning business is not a glamorous one; it involves going after the dirt and rubbish left by others. Who doesn’t remember refusing to take out the garbage at night? And who could deny making excuses to their mothers so they can escape and avoid cleaning their own rooms? But this is because we didn’t know any better. There is something to gain after all from cleaning dirt. A cleaning business may not really be glamorous but it certainly fill your pockets with beautiful cash.

But is this business really for you? Do you have what it takes to clean toilets and bathrooms for a living? You have to have the determination to succeed and willingness to make your customers happy by providing the best cleaning jobs they have ever seen.


Honesty is one personal quality you and your cleaning staff should possess. Your customers will have to trust you and they can only do that if you are honest. They will have to leave their homes open to you and if they are not comfortable with that idea, you will never get their business. But honesty is not something you just tell your customers you have. It is built through years of determined efforts to keep honest. Your customers will be your witness and their testimonies your proof.

Once you have made a firm decision to start a cleaning business, you will have to decide on the type of services you will offer. There are many cleaning services to offer and you don’t have to include them all but it helps to make sure that you are ready to deliver whatever cleaning service your customers will be looking for. The usual services include mopping, dusting, emptying trash and cleaning bathrooms. (Sounds familiar, right? These were the same tasks you refused to do at home.)

Some cleaning services also offer window washing, carpet cleaning and waxing and polishing floors. You will also have to decide if you want to clean residential houses only or business facilities only. You could do both actually but you have to be sure you can deliver what you promise to your customers. Residential homes require less cleaning than commercial ones. Your supplies and equipment should be able to deal with the cleaning requirements of your clients. Commercial cleaning jobs need industrial strength supplies and equipment while household cleaning jobs could do with good quality household equipment such as a vacuum cleaner. You will realize that starting a commercial cleaning business needs more startup costs than a residential cleaning service only. Determining the rates you will charge your customers is a tricky part of the business. The rates you will charge will have to be competitive with the other cleaning services in your community.

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