The Unlikely Relationship Between Cherries And Insomnia

By Neha Chopra

The humble cherry serves more purpose than being just a decorative piece. Till now, cherries were associated with pie fillings and toppings of ice creams and cakes. However, studies have shown that there is a connection between cherries and insomnia. The hormone melatonin is present in cherries, which helps in treating cases of insomnia.


Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in the body by the pineal gland. It is helpful in making a person feel tired and in inducing sleep. The production of melatonin in the body takes place during night time so that it makes a person feel sleepy. It is also present while a person is sleeping. Age related insomnia is thought to be a direct consequence of the decrease in the production of melatonin with age.


Using Melatonin it is possible to fight insomnia naturally and safely without any side effects. This aspect is what is utilized in cherries and insomnia connection.

Cherries and insomnia connection:

The skin of cherries contains melatonin. Cherries being a rich source of melatonin are highly effective in treating insomnia.

In order to increase the melatonin level in the body, it is best to go the natural way and eat cherries. Insufficient amounts of melatonin leads to insomnia and in such cases most often people resort to the use of medications. However, sleep medications come with their own disadvantages like side effects and causing addiction, which can be harmful to a person. Instead of these treatment methods it would be better if an insomniac tries eating cherries as a cure of insomnia. Using cherries and insomnia treatment is more desirable than popping pills, while getting the same benefits and without the accompanying harmful effects.

Cherries and insomnia treatment:

The best time to eat cherries in order to drive away sleeplessness is just before going to bed. Though there are no studies on the amount of cherries to be eaten, experts are of the opinion that a handful of cherries are sufficient enough to provide the necessary melatonin and sleep benefits.

Cherries and insomnia do not really seem likely partners but the benefit of the former in treating the latter has been proved. So, instead of tossing and turning in bed, munch a handful of cherries and say goodbye to insomnia.

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