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Domestic Narrow Line Width Fiber Laser Taken Breakthroughs

By Himfr Paul

As the value of fiber laser pump power is low, conversion efficiency, cooling, and can be wide tuning range, compact structure, has become the focus of research in the field of laser. According to forecasts, the demand for fiber lasers will be more than 20% per year

Increase rate will account for the laser fiber laser over 50% market share in 2020.

According to statistics, worldwide sales of laser products has broken 10 billion U.S. dollars in 2008, the next 5 years or even hundreds of billion of billions of dollars of fiber laser products in the market realistic demand and difficult to estimate the potential market demand. Fiber lasers in economic construction, and defense and military development, and so it will gradually dominate.

In the fiber laser with very narrow line width single frequency fiber laser is a laser one important direction for development.

(1) Most laser range finder is based on pulsed laser optical time domain reflectometry principle, that is by measuring the laser pulse emission, and reflected back to the receiver by the target time difference, for distance, the accuracy of this measurement is generally a -10 meters, measuring just 10-20 km away.


(2) For optical fiber sensing, can also use frequency modulation continuous wave technology and principle of coherent light, ultra-high-precision, long distance and weak signal measurements.

Reflected back from the sensing fiber laser and the reference light from the local oscillator mixing together to produce a light beat, the beat and it went through the time delay difference corresponding to the sensing fiber on the distance information can be passed beat frequency measurement to obtain. Detection using this technology can achieve the sensitivity-100dB of the signal measurement.

Based on the single longitudinal mode narrow line width fiber laser fiber-optic sensing technology can be widely used in oil and gas pipeline leak monitoring, monitoring of electric power transmission loss, oil temperature and pressure of real-time monitoring.

(3) In addition, optical fiber communications, the current commercial source of the laser line width of 0.2 nm (20 dB), despite the application of DWDM technology greatly increased the number of channels of information transmission, but because of the signal source laser line width constraints, In the C-band is also only 80 channels.

Single longitudinal mode narrow line width fiber laser line width, only the current business communication light source line width one hundred thousandth, which can greatly reduce the channel width and the spacing between channels, in addition, the very narrow laser line relief smaller dispersion fiber transmission process, more conducive to long-distance transmission.

Narrow-line width fiber laser huge potential market and potential applications caused widespread concern around the world, the United States, Britain and other Western countries have invested considerable human, financial and material resources to carry out extensive research.

As the high-performance single longitudinal mode narrow line width fiber lasers in the military and other sensitive areas has broad applications, foreign material in the core technology and core aspects of the embargo imposed on China, import restrictions on products, research and development with our own knowledge of construction and development property rights of single longitudinal mode, narrow line width fiber lasers and equipment production line of great importance.

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