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Armstrong announces retirement from professional cycling

  • Posted on September 18, 2019 at 1:43 am

Monday, April 18, 2005

At a press conference Monday, Lance Armstrong announced his intention to retire from professional cycling after going for his 7th Tour de France title in July 2005.

“Ultimately, athletes have to retire,” said the 33 year-old American. “The body doesn’t just keep going and going.”

Speculation on the retirement of the six-time Tour de France winner had been growing in recent months. The Texan had hinted at wanting to spend more time with his children and his cancer charity, the Lance Armstrong Foundation. There was talk he may marry his well-known girlfriend, rock-star singer Sheryl Crow.

Armstrong battled with testicular cancer in 1996 before coming back to win the 1999 edition of the legendary French race. He went on to win the next five Tours de France and is now widely regarded as one of the greatest riders in the history of the sport.

Asked about his chances for Tour success, he expressed hope tempered with praise for his opponents. “Can I win this year? I’m not sure, but I’ll try… This will be a different year for the Tour with Jan Ullrich looking better and a host of young riders coming up,” he said.

Should Armstrong follow through with his plans, he will begin his final race in the United States tomorrow at the first stage of the Tour de Georgia. He has successfully used the springtime race in the past as a tune-up to the Tour de France in the summer. The contract with his new team sponsor, the Discovery Channel, obligates him to compete in one more Tour de France.

Armstrong announces retirement from professional cycling

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Planning The Interior Paint Scheme Of Your Monroe Nc House

  • Posted on September 18, 2019 at 1:39 am

Planning The Interior Paint Scheme Of Your Monroe NC House


Chet Arthur

Planning your interior painting project is an important part of creating the feel you want to achieve in your Monroe NC home. Here is a step by step blueprint to achieving the look and feel you desire.

YouTube Preview Image

First Things First Look around each room you will be painting. Make a list of the features or existing finishes that are “permanent”. This would include things like cabinets, brick or stone features (for instance a fireplace), even tile work or special flooring. You will want your interior paint selections to complement these features. For example, if you have wood cabinets or other trim with a red undertone, or perhaps a red brick fireplace, make sure the paint scheme you decide on matches up well with these hues.Where Do You Want To Focus Attention? Throughout your house, you will wan to have focal points. Your painting scheme can help create these areas of focus. Emphasize specific architectural features that you find attractive in your home. In the living or dining rooms, these may include crown molding or arched window treatments. Use contrasting paint — shades of paint lighter or darker than the wall color — or a glossy finish to accomplish this. You may also create an ‘accent wall’ by paining one wall a different color, giving it a faux finish, or even applying wallpaper or a unique border.Ease Transitions; Use Color To Unify By using a common color palette, you can create a unified flow through adjoining rooms in your house. This will make the transition between rooms feel more natural. Use lighter shades in walkways and halls that may be naturally darker, and deeper shades in rooms with abundant sunlight. You can create clearly distinct spaces by altering the shade and hue of a particular space more abruptly. As long as you maintain the common color palette, it will still feel natural and consistent.To Emphasize or Minimize, That Is The Question? You can use color very adeptly to emphasize and de-emphasize different features. For example, a room that is long and marrow will feel wider if the shorter walls are painted slightly darker than the long walls. A ceiling will appear higher if you use a lighter cooler, and lower if you choose a color that is darker. Remember the doppler effect? If you want to make a large room feel more intimate and less cavernous, paint the walls in shades of red, gold orange or brown. These colors seem to advance toward you. In the same fashion, for a small room to feel larger, use colors that “recede”, such as blue, green or violet.Be Attentive to Light Sources Colors may appear different under different lighting conditions, like those that may occur throughout the course of the day. Incandescent light have a warm tone that will create a different feeling than that of natural sunlight during the day. Be aware of how these dynamics can affect your choice of paint colors. If you pay attention and choose your colors wisely throughout your house, you can match the “mood” of your house with the pattern of your lifestyle and the pace of your day. A qualified, exprienced Monroe NC house painter can help you accomplish this.

Mr Arthur is a 17 year resident of the greater Charlotte NC area. He has worked with many area homeowners on planning projects from home renovations to landscaping and painting. Before you

hire a Charlotte house painter

be sure to order and read Mr Arthur’s free guide “Finding a Painter You Can Trust. For a brief video on

choosing the right Charlotte house painter

just click on the link.

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IEEE approves 802.11n standard after six years

  • Posted on September 18, 2019 at 1:38 am

Saturday, September 12, 2009

On Friday, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) ratified the next generation of Wi-Fi Alliance certification known as 802.11n. The path to ratification began on September 11, 2003 with 11 major drafts of the specification over the course of six years. Even though just approved, wireless devices have been available on the the market for over two years, running on what is known as “draft n” or “pre-N”.

The 802.11n standard operates on both the 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz frequencies. This will allow it to be backwards compatible with 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g, provided that the base station has dual radios. The speeds of 802.11n are substantially faster than that of its predecessors with a maximum theoretical throughput of 600Mbit/s.

Very few additions were made to the 802.11n draft standard over the last two years, so most if not all “draft n” hardware available on the market today is expected to be compatible with n-standard devices available in the future. In a similar process of the upgrade from “pre-G” to 802.11g, it is expected that most manufacturers of wireless hardware will release new firmware to bring all draft devices up to full standard compliance.

IEEE approves 802.11n standard after six years

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Microsoft claims 235 patent breaches by open source software

  • Posted on September 7, 2019 at 1:11 am

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Software giant Microsoft’s chief lawyer Brad Smith claimed in an interview published in the magazine Fortune on Monday that open-source software products violate 235 of Microsoft’s patents. The main transgressors are claimed to be Linux (107 patents) and OpenOffice.org (45), with e-mail programs infringing 15 patents. Microsoft wants royalties to compensate for the patent breaches.

According to Microsoft’s Vice-President of intellectual property and licensing, Horacio Gutierrez, the company wants to negotiate with the open-source companies rather than sue them. “If we wanted to litigate we would have done that a long time ago. Litigation is not an effective way of going about solutions,” Gutierrez said. According to him, Microsoft has over the last years tried to work towards a “constructive” solution to the alleged problem of patent violation.

Microsoft in the past has used the strategy of cross-licensing to get royalties from companies who infringe their patents, for example in their deal with Novell. On a company blog, Novell reiterated that their deal “is in no way an acknowledgment that Linux infringes upon any Microsoft intellectual property.”

“We don’t think that customers will want to continue on without a solution to the problem,” Gutierrez said about Microsoft’s approach to guaranteeing companies that they won’t get sued because they use the allegedly patent-infringing Linux operating system.

The upcoming third version of the GPL licence, the licence under which Linux is released, will prohibit Linux distributors to agree to patent royalty deals. Microsoft called these “attempts to tear down the bridge between proprietary and open-source software that Microsoft has worked to build with the industry and customers.”

A related U.S. Supreme Court ruling from April 30th showed how software patents can be subject to court challenges; basically, if the innovations patented are “obvious”, the patent is weakened. Joe Lindsay, information officer for a mortgage company, pointed out that the Unix code that Linux is based upon preceded Microsoft Windows, which might also be a reason for some patents to be invalid.

Red Hat, the biggest Linux distributor, said in a statement on Monday:

The reality is that the community development approach of free and open source code represents a healthy development paradigm, which, when viewed from the perspective of pending lawsuits related to intellectual property, is at least as safe as proprietary software.

Larry Augustin, former CEO of a company called VA Linux (now VA Software), responsible among other things for launching SourceForge.net, an open-source software development community, posted a message on his blog under the title “It’s Time for Microsoft to Put Up or Shut Up”:

If Microsoft believes that Free and Open Source Software violates any of their patents, let them put those patents forward now, in the light of day, where we can all evaluate them on their merits. If not, then stop trying to bully customers into paying royalties to use Open Source.

According to the Fortune report, more than half of the Fortune 500 companies are estimated to use Linux in their data centers.

Microsoft claims 235 patent breaches by open source software

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Optimize Presta Shop With Store Manager For Presta Shop

  • Posted on August 24, 2019 at 1:22 am

Submitted by: Margaret Twinn

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a kind of device that enhances entire PrestaShop store management duties but not single operations. It simplifies and speeds up inventory management, particularly: organizes products, orders, customers, PrestaShop manufacturers, and other data.

With several shopping carts offered in the Web todayor future, current webstore owners can look for the one which performs required jobs in the most convenient way and offers the features to suit most of the requirements. New shopping carts appear regularly but just a few of them break in the market and gain customer s popularity. PrestaShop professional e-Commerce shopping cart is one of such carts. Those who ve been already working with PrestaShop device witness that its scalability, modular structure and uncomplicated installation make it a desirable decision as for beginner person as well as for an proffesional.

But how PrestaShop differs from other cost-free open source shopping carts? Among the PrestaShop benefits users mention:

– shopping cart is convenient and intuitive in usage, its quick, so you can make wanted updates much faster and offer your potential buyers organized and attractive store

– it is SEO optimized. PrestaShop supports search engine friendly URLs and permalinks. It helps to state meta tags for each product separately and optimize pics.

YouTube Preview Image

– PrestaShop is build on modules and well structured. It allows to extend its functionality easily to perform particular tasks.

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a kind of software that enhances entire PrestaShop store management jobs but not single operations. It simplifies and speeds up inventory management, particularly: organizes products, orders, customers, PrestaShop manufacturers, and other data.

Store Manager for PrestaShop gives:

1.Productive product management and category management using drag&drop feature to build convenient category tree, quick product search and filters, mass operations with PrestaShop products

2.Powerful Export / Import of products, PrestaShop categories, customers, orders – step by step Wizard that simplifies export to CSV and import from any CSV formats; advanced import features

3.Complete store management – products, categories, product attributes, manufacturers, customers, orders, reports, etc

4.Fast access to customers, orders, with discounts, coupons, reports and other store data

5.Ready for Quickbooks, ICEcat and USPS integration.

These are essential things to consider about efficient store management. Besides, there s a whole lot of simple operations that can be done more quickly such as: add, edit, copy, clone, delete PrestaShop attributes, products etc. These operations are presented as tabs on a toolbar and in the context menu. Just right simply click to speed up work with store s data.

Accuracy of store s information is rather an issue. You would actually want to avoid duplicate data entry, loss of data and other potential mistakes. In Store Manager you can set up one of the two kinds of connection – bridge to make changes locally and post them to a store later and direct connection for instant modifications. Database backup option is usually at your hand there to prevent mess with database records.

Working with utility like Store Manager for PrestaShop you will get rid of routine task and have more spare time to spend on competitive analysis, advertising and other strategic duties.

About the Author: Margaret Twinn is marketing assistant of MagneticOne – an innovative software development company, developing store managers and modules for different shopping carts. Read more at




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Several episodes of ‘Orange is the New Black’ released prematurely by hacker

  • Posted on August 24, 2019 at 1:06 am

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A hacker, or group of hackers, operating under the alias of The Dark Overlord uploaded ten episodes of Netflix’s web TV series Orange is the New Black on Friday and Saturday on The Pirate Bay after they said the online streaming service failed to meet their demands. Netflix had planned to release the season on June 9.

According to The New York Times, the unreleased content from the upcoming fifth season of Orange is the New Black was likely stolen from a postproduction company Larson Studios, based in Los Angeles. Netflix in a statement said, “A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved.” In a tweet on Saturday, the hacker said, “Who is next on the list? FOX, IFC, NAT GEO, and ABC. Oh, what fun we’re all going to have. We’re not playing any games anymore.”

The hacker tweeted about uploading the first episode on The Pirate Bay on Saturday saying, “Let’s try to be a bit more direct, Netflix”. The hacker allegedly demanded an amount of money which they publicly described as “modest”, from Netflix for not releasing the episodes prematurely. The New York Times reported that the final three episodes were not pirated since the security breach occurred before the postproduction studio was handed those episodes. In January, the hacker erased the data from the servers of a Muncie-based charity called Little Red Door Cancer Services of East Central Indiana demanding 50 bitcoins to restore their data, which was estimated to be about US$43,000.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is reportedly investigating this cyber crime. Netflix has more than 100 million subscribers, CEO Reed Hastings announced recently. Variety noted that Netfilx’s shares experienced a 0.57% loss on the day the first episode was uploaded by the hacker.

Several episodes of ‘Orange is the New Black’ released prematurely by hacker

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Cleveland, Ohio clinic performs US’s first face transplant

  • Posted on August 23, 2019 at 2:13 am

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A team of eight transplant surgeons in Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA, led by reconstructive surgeon Dr. Maria Siemionow, age 58, have successfully performed the first almost total face transplant in the US, and the fourth globally, on a woman so horribly disfigured due to trauma, that cost her an eye. Two weeks ago Dr. Siemionow, in a 23-hour marathon surgery, replaced 80 percent of her face, by transplanting or grafting bone, nerve, blood vessels, muscles and skin harvested from a female donor’s cadaver.

The Clinic surgeons, in Wednesday’s news conference, described the details of the transplant but upon request, the team did not publish her name, age and cause of injury nor the donor’s identity. The patient’s family desired the reason for her transplant to remain confidential. The Los Angeles Times reported that the patient “had no upper jaw, nose, cheeks or lower eyelids and was unable to eat, talk, smile, smell or breathe on her own.” The clinic’s dermatology and plastic surgery chair, Francis Papay, described the nine hours phase of the procedure: “We transferred the skin, all the facial muscles in the upper face and mid-face, the upper lip, all of the nose, most of the sinuses around the nose, the upper jaw including the teeth, the facial nerve.” Thereafter, another team spent three hours sewing the woman’s blood vessels to that of the donor’s face to restore blood circulation, making the graft a success.

The New York Times reported that “three partial face transplants have been performed since 2005, two in France and one in China, all using facial tissue from a dead donor with permission from their families.” “Only the forehead, upper eyelids, lower lip, lower teeth and jaw are hers, the rest of her face comes from a cadaver; she could not eat on her own or breathe without a hole in her windpipe. About 77 square inches of tissue were transplanted from the donor,” it further described the details of the medical marvel. The patient, however, must take lifetime immunosuppressive drugs, also called antirejection drugs, which do not guarantee success. The transplant team said that in case of failure, it would replace the part with a skin graft taken from her own body.

Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, a Brigham and Women’s Hospital surgeon praised the recent medical development. “There are patients who can benefit tremendously from this. It’s great that it happened,” he said.

Leading bioethicist Arthur Caplan of the University of Pennsylvania withheld judgment on the Cleveland transplant amid grave concerns on the post-operation results. “The biggest ethical problem is dealing with failure — if your face rejects. It would be a living hell. If your face is falling off and you can’t eat and you can’t breathe and you’re suffering in a terrible manner that can’t be reversed, you need to put on the table assistance in dying. There are patients who can benefit tremendously from this. It’s great that it happened,” he said.

Dr Alex Clarke, of the Royal Free Hospital had praised the Clinic for its contribution to medicine. “It is a real step forward for people who have severe disfigurement and this operation has been done by a team who have really prepared and worked towards this for a number of years. These transplants have proven that the technical difficulties can be overcome and psychologically the patients are doing well. They have all have reacted positively and have begun to do things they were not able to before. All the things people thought were barriers to this kind of operations have been overcome,” she said.

The first partial face transplant surgery on a living human was performed on Isabelle Dinoire on November 27 2005, when she was 38, by Professor Bernard Devauchelle, assisted by Professor Jean-Michel Dubernard in Amiens, France. Her Labrador dog mauled her in May 2005. A triangle of face tissue including the nose and mouth was taken from a brain-dead female donor and grafted onto the patient. Scientists elsewhere have performed scalp and ear transplants. However, the claim is the first for a mouth and nose transplant. Experts say the mouth and nose are the most difficult parts of the face to transplant.

In 2004, the same Cleveland Clinic, became the first institution to approve this surgery and test it on cadavers. In October 2006, surgeon Peter Butler at London‘s Royal Free Hospital in the UK was given permission by the NHS ethics board to carry out a full face transplant. His team will select four adult patients (children cannot be selected due to concerns over consent), with operations being carried out at six month intervals. In March 2008, the treatment of 30-year-old neurofibromatosis victim Pascal Coler of France ended after having received what his doctors call the worlds first successful full face transplant.

Ethical concerns, psychological impact, problems relating to immunosuppression and consequences of technical failure have prevented teams from performing face transplant operations in the past, even though it has been technically possible to carry out such procedures for years.

Mr Iain Hutchison, of Barts and the London Hospital, warned of several problems with face transplants, such as blood vessels in the donated tissue clotting and immunosuppressants failing or increasing the patient’s risk of cancer. He also pointed out ethical issues with the fact that the procedure requires a “beating heart donor”. The transplant is carried out while the donor is brain dead, but still alive by use of a ventilator.

According to Stephen Wigmore, chair of British Transplantation Society’s ethics committee, it is unknown to what extent facial expressions will function in the long term. He said that it is not certain whether a patient could be left worse off in the case of a face transplant failing.

Mr Michael Earley, a member of the Royal College of Surgeon‘s facial transplantation working party, commented that if successful, the transplant would be “a major breakthrough in facial reconstruction” and “a major step forward for the facially disfigured.”

In Wednesday’s conference, Siemionow said “we know that there are so many patients there in their homes where they are hiding from society because they are afraid to walk to the grocery stores, they are afraid to go the the street.” “Our patient was called names and was humiliated. We very much hope that for this very special group of patients there is a hope that someday they will be able to go comfortably from their houses and enjoy the things we take for granted,” she added.

In response to the medical breakthrough, a British medical group led by Royal Free Hospital’s lead surgeon Dr Peter Butler, said they will finish the world’s first full face transplant within a year. “We hope to make an announcement about a full-face operation in the next 12 months. This latest operation shows how facial transplantation can help a particular group of the most severely facially injured people. These are people who would otherwise live a terrible twilight life, shut away from public gaze,” he said.

Cleveland, Ohio clinic performs US’s first face transplant

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Viktor Schreckengost dies at 101

  • Posted on August 23, 2019 at 2:08 am

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Viktor Schreckengost, the father of industrial design and creator of the Jazz Bowl, an iconic piece of Jazz Age art designed for Eleanor Roosevelt during his association with Cowan Pottery died yesterday. He was 101.

Schreckengost was born on June 26, 1906 in Sebring, Ohio, United States.

Schreckengost’s peers included the far more famous designers Raymond Loewy and Norman Bel Geddes.

In 2000, the Cleveland Museum of Art curated the first ever retrospective of Schreckengost’s work. Stunning in scope, the exhibition included sculpture, pottery, dinnerware, drawings, and paintings.

Viktor Schreckengost dies at 101

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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Portland

  • Posted on August 23, 2019 at 2:00 am


By filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in Portland, you are liquidating your properties and assets to fulfill your financial obligations to your creditors. This form of bankruptcy requires that the judge assign a trustee to oversee all sales of these items and distribute the funds to your creditors to pay off your debts. In some cases, it is possible for the judge to discharge some debts based on their balance and type. To discuss these matters completely with an attorney, contact the Law Office of Horak and Boyd.

Saving Your Company

Bankruptcy is a method of protecting your company from litigation by your creditors. Once the debts are included within a bankruptcy claim, your creditors cannot file a lawsuit against your company in an attempt to collect. It also prevents foreclosures on business properties and assets. Through bankruptcy, you can protect properties such as your home and personal vehicle and prevent seizure or foreclosure. Some debts are discharged through bankruptcy based on their balance and the type of debt.

Local Bankruptcy Attorney

Horak and Boyd Attorneys at Law present you with several forms of bankruptcy as well as assistance with estate planning and personal injury claims. These attorneys provide you with the claim’s process to ensure that you have a chance to amicably settle your financial obligation without adverse legal actions against your company. Through bankruptcy you can liquidate assets and properties associated with your company to pay off all debts and become debt free. To hire an attorney to file a bankruptcy claim, contact Horak and Boyd Attorneys at Law today or visit their website at Horakboyd.com.


With chapter 7 bankruptcy in Portland you will liquidate properties and assets to generate funds. These funds are utilized to pay off your debts and managed by a trustee assigned by the court to your case. Your trustee reports back to the court as your debts are paid off in full. Once all debts are paid, your bankruptcy claim is discharged and any restrictions that applied to the operations of your company are lifted. To discuss Chapter 7 bankruptcy with an attorney call Horak and Boyd Attorneys at Law.

Fifteen people killed in attack on Nigerian college

  • Posted on August 23, 2019 at 1:48 am

Friday, September 19, 2014

Officials said at least fifteen people were killed in an attack on a teachers training college in the Northern Nigerian city of Kano by a group of armed gunmen on Wednesday. Over 30 others were wounded.

News agencies have reported while there has been no claim of responsibility, suspicion will likely fall on the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram. The group has previously targeted Western-style schools within the country, including past attacks on secondary schools.

According to official reports, police first approached the group in the area of the school, concerned about their unusual activity, and the attackers engaged police in a firefight. The attackers gained entry to the school and started throwing bombs.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan described the incident as a “dastardly attack”. He has already declared a state of emergency in three northern states, and is being criticized along with the country’s armed forces for failure to prevent extremist attacks.

A police spokesman said police killed two attackers at the scene.

Fifteen people killed in attack on Nigerian college

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