Pv Glass Curtain Wall To Create A True Green Building

By Himfr Tian

This is the world’s first large-scale, multi-application point of view of building integrated photovoltaic cell component model building, with a total installed capacity of 0.3 megawatts which is a five-star hotel, which is a solar power station, it was called ‘Power Valley Jinjiang International Hotel’, but its location, the ‘China Power Valley’ known Baoding, people prefer to call it ‘five-star power station’. February 16, the winter afternoon sun in the 25-storey shed ramp ‘star power station’ of the wall, from afar, it was Canglan dark stripes ribbon of glass curtain wall like a cloak, a trace of modern rational atmosphere, but also flaunt distinctive personality.

Approaching nearer, the PV power stations only show the true face of eyes: ‘Phi’ in the wall, the windows on the roof outside and dark blue glass curtain walls are not common, but by a piece of metal wire was covered with glass composition, metal cable into a glass outline a refined, light and shade in different small rectangle.

Maintenance of British interest here, company officials told reporters that the patches of dark blue glass, solar cell modules, composed of a layer outside the building can breathe, can replace single photovoltaic glass curtain wall. Had visitors absurd to say, ‘yo, this hotel’s sun glasses too China and the United States was. ‘This is beautiful’ sun glasses’ not only this hotel has a beautiful wall unique in the world, but let it become the world’s first large-scale, multi-point application of building integrated photovoltaic cell component model architecture.


Originally, the common silicon PV modules is not opaque, in order to ensure a good hotel room lighting, the British company under the hotel building features of interest, developed a whole new light transmittance glass components, used in place of traditional glass wall, this new glass curtain wall features both traditional, but also to generate electricity. Replaced with photovoltaic glass curtain wall building on the extensive use of common traditional curtain wall, not only saving building materials, but also shade, energy conservation, noise.

Look out from the hotel room, photovoltaic glass curtain wall with sun-shield is really the function. ‘Those who can not direct sunlight into the room, trapped in glass by the metal wire into direct current,’ the hotel waiter completely static wire pointing slightly mysterious whispered, ‘electricity, is inside the flow lot, actually, while the collection to the basement, and then from there into the national grid. ‘Followed by’ flowing ‘energy circuit, the reporter went to the bottom of the control room at the hotel.

Here, the PV glass curtain wall DC issued by the ‘inverter’ has become AC, and then incorporated into the national grid. Thus, the five-star hotel has become a total installed capacity of 0.3 megawatts of green power station. ‘This hotel is a true green building, also the electric Valley Square, a landmark building,’ High-tech Zone, Baoding Yuan Jing, deputy director of China told reporters that the whole of China ‘electric Valley Plaza,’ In addition to this Jinjiang International Hotel, also built business conference center, business clubs and large underground parking lot, experts apartment, staff houses.

All buildings will be covered with photovoltaic glass cell coat, comprehensive application of solar and other renewable energy sources, the final call Valley Plaza will be built into a total design capacity of 1.5 megawatts of photovoltaic power station. All told, this power station will be issued each year 1.71 million kwh of green power, can replace 684 tons of standard coal.

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