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Main Things You Must Keep In Mind While Building Panic Rooms


Panic rooms or safe rooms are designed to protect you from potential hazards caused bu break ins and unfavorable natural calamities like tornadoes or cyclones. They also function as the region of your house from where you can contact outside agencies for possible help as you are sheltered in there. Here are the main things you need to keep in mind while setting up a panic room.

Adequate Ventilation: Always remember that the room may have to house you and your family in times of emergency for long durations of time. Therefore, the room must have adequate supplies for air circulation. Experts suggest that instead of going for secret openings fro ventilation, it is best to go for closed air supply systems. These air supply systems work only when they are turned on and do not require visible openings to exterior atmosphere. All you need is proper air vents to keep you and other occupants of the room supplied with fresh air through the air supply system that is run on electricity.


Electricity: The electric power supply system for the panic room must always be separate from the supply to the entire house. This ensures that even if the main electric line is damaged, the room will be still powered by electricity. Many homeowners go for use of generators for back up in these rooms. Make sure the generator you use for panic rooms is in good shape. This is because in case the generator shows any defect in functioning or suffers from snags like wire burning or short circuit then it can end up in lives being endangered. A closed room supplied with electric lines must also be carefully built using the services of expert technicians and electricians.

Telephone Lines: Separate telephone lines must be present in the panic room in order to allow the occupants of the room to contact the local police or medical emergency services as the case may be.

Bullet-proofing: This is the most important aspect of panic rooms. Whenever there is a major break-in in the house, like in the cases of burglary or robbery, the miscreants are more likely to be armed. When residents of the house take shelter in the panic room, they must be well protected from arms like shotguns, pistols, and rifles that the burglars might possess. Therefore, the doors, walls, and windows must be bullet proof.

While building panic rooms, NY area residents must make sure that their builder or security system installer provides all these facilities in the room.

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