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The Millionaire Mind Money Management Plan

The Millionaire Mind Money Management Plan


Stevie Dillard

Here it is:

(D) – P – T : B – A = Results

Each letter means the following:

Desire P Programming T Thoughts M Beliefs A Actions


So, your desires lead for your mental programming that leads to your thoughts which then creates the belief which dictates the actions you take which will inevitably lead to your results. This is the key of how to manage money and mental programming. Lets look at each area in much more detail:

Desire: Desire could be the starting point for all achievement. It seems so simple but you can\’t change anything unless you desire to do so. For instance: you need the desire to be free from debt and better your self financially, BEFORE you try and an issue to improve your situation. The opposite will only end in place in failure.

Programming: Mental programming is basically how you convey a thought to yourself. The most frequent being self-speak. Everything else you say when you talk to yourself will ultimately dictate how you will think and whatever you focus on.

Thoughts: What you feel about will determine what you believe. Albert Einstein says that: \”Thought is a preview of life\’s coming attractions. \”

Beliefs: There is absolutely no question that your beliefs dictate anything you do in lifestyle. Put it this way, you aren\’t going to try to earn a million dollars if you ever don\’t feel that you\’re worth it.

Action: The true genius in accomplishment comes from taking action. You\’ll only take action if you have mastered the previous bullet points. If you\’ve mastered them, then taking action will still only be natural because you think it can happen.

Make sure that you have this equation on hand anytime you are in a rut. The key to accomplishing what you want lies in that equation from the beginning, starting with desire. If you want to learn how to manage money properly then it is necessary not to disregard the mind/money connection.


Money is a matter of concern for almost everyone, and most people have to worry about money. It is essential to have a lot of funds to take care of one\’s daily needs. If an individual has more money than he needs to pay his bills and has now enough left over to save each month, he can take into consideration himself fortunate. If he has more money than he can ever need in his lifetime, he should know that he or she is extremely blessed.

Financial experts have long been advising visitors to establish a budget and live within their means. It may occur that a relatively small percentage of people work diligently which includes a budget in mind when they make expenditures. However, even individuals who do not use a budget do watch their money if they are wise.

Overspending and going into debt is a burden which too many people place on themselves. It is normally hard to live within one\’s means when money is tight. There are people who are doing it very well as they\’re able to manage with limited funds. It requires being able to curb one\’s spending and desires for material goods.

When a person doesn\’t need enough money to meet his monthly expenditures, it may be important to increase his income.

Its all inside mind, genital herpes virus treatments think is what you get. Success is in everyone\’s genes. Its up to all of us to take action. Believe and taking action equals results.

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