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  • Posted on August 24, 2019 at 1:22 am

Submitted by: Margaret Twinn

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a kind of device that enhances entire PrestaShop store management duties but not single operations. It simplifies and speeds up inventory management, particularly: organizes products, orders, customers, PrestaShop manufacturers, and other data.

With several shopping carts offered in the Web todayor future, current webstore owners can look for the one which performs required jobs in the most convenient way and offers the features to suit most of the requirements. New shopping carts appear regularly but just a few of them break in the market and gain customer s popularity. PrestaShop professional e-Commerce shopping cart is one of such carts. Those who ve been already working with PrestaShop device witness that its scalability, modular structure and uncomplicated installation make it a desirable decision as for beginner person as well as for an proffesional.

But how PrestaShop differs from other cost-free open source shopping carts? Among the PrestaShop benefits users mention:

– shopping cart is convenient and intuitive in usage, its quick, so you can make wanted updates much faster and offer your potential buyers organized and attractive store

– it is SEO optimized. PrestaShop supports search engine friendly URLs and permalinks. It helps to state meta tags for each product separately and optimize pics.

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– PrestaShop is build on modules and well structured. It allows to extend its functionality easily to perform particular tasks.

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a kind of software that enhances entire PrestaShop store management jobs but not single operations. It simplifies and speeds up inventory management, particularly: organizes products, orders, customers, PrestaShop manufacturers, and other data.

Store Manager for PrestaShop gives:

1.Productive product management and category management using drag&drop feature to build convenient category tree, quick product search and filters, mass operations with PrestaShop products

2.Powerful Export / Import of products, PrestaShop categories, customers, orders – step by step Wizard that simplifies export to CSV and import from any CSV formats; advanced import features

3.Complete store management – products, categories, product attributes, manufacturers, customers, orders, reports, etc

4.Fast access to customers, orders, with discounts, coupons, reports and other store data

5.Ready for Quickbooks, ICEcat and USPS integration.

These are essential things to consider about efficient store management. Besides, there s a whole lot of simple operations that can be done more quickly such as: add, edit, copy, clone, delete PrestaShop attributes, products etc. These operations are presented as tabs on a toolbar and in the context menu. Just right simply click to speed up work with store s data.

Accuracy of store s information is rather an issue. You would actually want to avoid duplicate data entry, loss of data and other potential mistakes. In Store Manager you can set up one of the two kinds of connection – bridge to make changes locally and post them to a store later and direct connection for instant modifications. Database backup option is usually at your hand there to prevent mess with database records.

Working with utility like Store Manager for PrestaShop you will get rid of routine task and have more spare time to spend on competitive analysis, advertising and other strategic duties.

About the Author: Margaret Twinn is marketing assistant of MagneticOne – an innovative software development company, developing store managers and modules for different shopping carts. Read more at




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