How A Restorative Dentist Helps Local Patients

byAlma Abell

Restorative dental procedures are utilized to repair the appearance and condition of your teeth. These tactics are used to prevent tooth loss and provide patients with a better smile. The procedure chosen depends on the degree of damage sustained and whether the tooth remains viable.

How Veneers Help


A Restorative Dentist placed the veneer over broken and misshapen teeth. The process is completed in one visit. With these devices, the results are natural-looking and straight teeth. The devices eliminate gaps and spaces between the teeth. The process improves the overall appearance of teeth that are severely stained as well.

Fixed Bridges for Smokers

Smokers are at a higher risk of tooth decay than other patients. As cavities develop, they are more likely to take over the tooth at a quicker rate. This could lead to a faster breakdown of the tooth. For smokers who have severely damaged and irreparable teeth, they are most likely to lose their teeth. All teeth that are too damaged to restore are extracted.

When this occurs, the dentist uses fixed bridges to replace the teeth in wider sections. The bridges are connected with a crown at the end of each section and professional-grade adhesive along the gum line. All bridges are created based on a composite model of the patient’s teeth prior to extraction whenever possible.

When Root Canals are Possible

A damaged tooth is repaired through root canal surgery whenever possible. During this process, the dentist drills a hole into the top of the tooth. The pulp of the tooth is removed completely. After all decay is removed from the tooth, the dentist fills the tooth. If the tooth is close to the front of the mouth, they use a tooth colored resin to enable it to blend in and become less noticeable.

A Restorative Dentist performs a variety of services to returning teeth to their previous state or better. With these tactics, they help patients to maintain healthy-looking teeth. When the teeth are severely damaged, the dentist discusses all probable remedies for these issues. Patients who need to evaluate restorative services should contact Plainview Oral And Maxillofacial Associates P.C.