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5 Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Shopping For Coffee Tables In Derby, Ks

  • Posted on August 16, 2018 at 3:28 pm

byAlma Abell

If you’re decorating your home in Derby, it’s important to find the right coffee table. The perfect coffee table should be practical, stylish and work to pull your seating together into a collective unit. As you consider different coffee Tables in Derby, KS, you should keep a few things in mind. Keep reading for some helpful tips that will help you select the perfect piece for your lifestyle and tastes, and visit Cherry Orchard Furniture for a great selection of stylish and affordable options.

Remember Sizing

It’s important to select a coffee table that is sized in proportion to your sofa. A table that’s too large will overwhelm your seating, and a too-small table won’t provide enough impact. According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, the perfect coffee table should be one-half to two-thirds as long as your sofa.

Think About Storage

If you’re short on storage space, you should choose a coffee table that is practical as well as attractive. Look for Tables in Derby, KS that have shelving or cabinets underneath, or opt for an attractive trunk or storage ottoman instead. This will give you an extra spot to store blankets, pillows, magazines or movies.

Shape Matters

Look at the furniture, mirrors and decorative objects in your living room for a clue on what coffee table shape to choose. If the room is filled with hard angles, you may want to choose an oval or round table to balance things out. Likewise, a square or rectangular table can add visual interest to a room filled with soft lines and rounded shapes.

Consider Finish

It’s important to consider your lifestyle when you’re choosing the material or finish of your coffee table. Softer woods are easier to nick and scratch, so if you have pets or children you may want to opt for a hardwood finish that can stand up better to frequent abuse.

Safety First

For homes with small children or pets, there are some styles of tables that should be avoided for safety’s sake. You should steer clear of sharp edges or corners and decorative elements that could cause scratches or cuts. Also, avoid glass-topped tables or any other material that could easily crack or shatter.

Your coffee table should be both fun and functional. Keep the tips above in mind when you’re shopping for a table and you’ll be sure to find a piece you won’t regret.