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Storage ‘can Help Sell Homes’

  • Posted on February 12, 2019 at 2:00 am

Storage ‘can help sell homes’


James Dacanay

Many people are struggling to sell their homes at present due to the economic problems that have impacted on the housing market.

However, there are ways in which individuals can optimise their chances of being successful in their bid to move property, it has been pointed out.

Writing on, Sharon Cohen noted that clutter can hinder consumers’ attempts to impress prospective buyers.

For this reason, storage solutions could be one way in which homeowners improve their residences.

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She said: “[People] are looking for a good deal and homes that are clean and free of clutter are the ones most likely to generate offers.

Meanwhile, George Wonica, president of the Staten Island Board of Realtors, added that getting rid of clutter and making a home look as roomy and as spacious as possible through the use of storage is key to attracting offers.

He added: “In fact, it’s more important than making improvements for a certain group of buyers.”

There are many ways in which cutter can be reduced, including storage racks.

It is also advisable to remove any extra furniture that is not required, Mr Wonica claimed.

He stated: “If a room has too much furniture in it, you need to remove some to make the room look more spacious. It might be an inconvenience, but it’s worth it in the long run.”

Meanwhile, fellow industry expert Joan Camerlengo noted: “Unpleasant smells, particularly pet odours, need to be addressed, carpets need to be cleaned and bathrooms need to be spotless.”

Those hoping to achieve a quick sale are also advised to be realistic about the price they set for their property.

After all, no matter how impressive a homeowner’s use of storage racks is, if a dwelling is overpriced, few people will be prepared to stump up the cash.

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