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Deck Of Tarot Cards

  • Posted on February 23, 2018 at 2:22 am

Deck Of Tarot Cards by Miss TiconeA deck of tarot cards is divided into two separate groups, the minor arcana and the major arcana. The two groups together total 78 cards. The major difference between the two groups is more than just the obvious differences in appearance. They each have their own particular reason for being turned, from the major to minor events in a persons life.The minor arcana is used to show the everyday events that take place. When the major arcana cards come into play, it is important that the person takes note of what they are saying. These cards show the major choices and paths in the persons life.It is hard not to take notice of Major Arcana cards as they stand out with their bright vivid coloring and design. I’m sure this is intentional so as alert both the Tarot card reader and client of the cards importance and ensure they take note.The cards of the Major Arcana total twenty two and start from the ‘Fool’ card (zero) to the ‘World’ card (21). The fool represents beginning’s while the world represents endings. The cards in between show various other aspects of a persons life such as, challenges, lessons and the like.When the major arcana cards show up during a reading, they are trying to inform the person of a major situation in their life. This can be something at work, such as a job promotion to a legal matter. Be sure to pay close attention to the cards, especially if they continuously show up during your reading. They could be telling you that you have to deal with a specific situation before you will be able to move ahead in your life. This could also mean there is a decision that must be made, and it will effect your future.The Minor Arcana has the remaining fifty six cards and these cars relate to a persons life on a day by day basis and are of a lessor importance than those of the Major Arcana. These every day situations can be altered by a person. The Tarot card reader will explain how this is done.There are also four groups within the Minor Arcana and it is not unusual for these groups tot change their symbols during a reading to allow the Tarot reader to get a better grasp of the meaning. Simply put the four groups are: ‘Cups’ that are a sign of conflict. Swords that relate to relationships. ‘Pentangles’ that symbolize money. And ‘Wands’ that relate to ideas.In most readings both types of cards will come up. The major arcana cards are the destiny cards that are unable to be changed, for the most part. The minor arcana cards are the cards that can be changed as the decisions of a person are changed and modified. The major arcana cards are not to be taken lightly. If they suggest something, keep it in mind.Tarot Card Card Deck: Troth Tarot Deck- Knight Tarot Deck – Angel Tarot Deck – Waite Tarot Deck – , More Tarot Information at: Cagora Spirituality discusionsArticle Source: