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Kinds Of Meditation: Two Main Divisions

  • Posted on April 22, 2018 at 3:07 pm

By Jane Michael

Meditation enhances creativity, intelligence, and increases memory. It improves the ability to learn. It increases energy and engenders calm. Our body gathers the tension from fears and pain, but meditation helps to alleviate tenseness and to clear the mind, which helps to lessen fear.

There are two basic divisions in meditation as far as technique. One is insight meditation; it teaches you to concentrate on one point as a method for cultivating quietness and peace. The other is concentration meditation. It involves a relaxation response. One form of concentration meditation is transcendental meditation.

There is a difference between meditation as a practice and a meditative state. The meditative practice has methods, ways, and rules and is purposed and is intended. While meditative states occur naturally. Sometimes when someone is very relaxed this will occur without meditative practice. It can occur during meditative practice and also spontaneously.

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There are two forms of meditative practice. One form tries to quiet the mind. Some call it the monkey mind because this refers to the hopping from one random thought to another that often happens. The idea is to make the mind be still. The means used to do this are chanting, staring at a candle, and breathing exercises. The other form watches the mind racing along without judgment as to whether the thoughts are good or bad, but they just are; they exist. It is a method of not approving or disapproving, only viewing the action of the mind.

The first type of meditation according some experts should not be practiced without supervision because it can be deceptive and make you feel like you have had an unusual experience when you have not. The reason is that it is a self-induced state of hypnosis and this encourages the ego to get wound up and imagine other things that arent correct. It is best done with supervision because the mind becomes so open.

The second kind of meditation is considered insight meditation. It isnt as strong of a meditation; it emphasizes being calm. It doesnt need a particular sitting position. It can be done anywhere. The concept is to just notice what is happening around you and stay calm or become calm. Once you have learned to do this, you dont need it any longer. Some experts think you should stop once you have learned to be calm. They consider this meditation a type of medicine that should be stopped once the disease of agitation and nervousness or anxiousness has been cured.

It is good advice to seek professional help, knowledge, experience, and insight before you start any serious meditation. After all, this is your mind that you are dealing with and as with any other treatment you want a competent professional to help you. It makes sense to be just as careful about what you do with your mind as it does being careful about what you do with your body. Guided self-help through meditation is your best avenue to fruitful meditation.

About the Author: Jane Michael is the head writer at the Center for Meditation.

Kriya Meditation Technique

is her practice and her passion.

Goals of Kriya Meditation

is a great way to start your meditation practice.


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Sixteen Candles Soundtrack Song List

  • Posted on March 30, 2018 at 3:06 pm

Sixteen Candles Soundtrack Song List


Roberto Bell

Sixteen Candles is about Samantha Baker and her 16th birthday that nobody seems to remember. The soundtrack of Sixteen Candles released in the market is on cassette and LP where there are only six songs.

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Heres the list of songs featured in the movie, Sixteen Candles. The artist, producer and other information are included. 1) Song Title: Snowballed Artist: AC/DC Producer: Leidseplein Presse B.V. / J. Albert Ltd. Arranged by: Warner Special Products 2) Song Title: Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry Artist: by Darlene Love Producer: Phil Spector International 3) Song Title: Love of the Common People Artist: Paul Young Producer: CBS Records 4) Song Title: Kajagoogoo Artist: Kajagoogoo Producer: EMI Records, Ltd. 5) Song Title: Happy Birthday Artist: Altered Images Producer: CBS Records 6) Song Title: Kazooed on Klassics Artist: The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra Producer: Rhino Records, Inc. 7) Song Title: Dragnet Artist: by Ray Anthony and His Orchestra Producer: Capitol Records, Inc. 8) Song Title: Rumours in the Air Artist: Night Ranger Producer: MCA Records, Inc. 9) Song Title: Peter Gunn Artist: Artist: Ray Anthony and His Orchestra Producer: Capitol Records, Inc. 10) Song Title: True Artist: Spandau Ballet Producer: Chrysalis Records, Inc. 11) Song Title: Wild Sex in the Working Class Artist: Oingo Boingo Producer: A-M Records 12) Song Title: Little Bitch Artist: The Specials Producer: Chrysalis Records, Inc. 13) Song Title: Growing Pains Artist: Tim Finn Producer: A-M Records and Mushroom Records 14) Song Title: When It Started to Begin Artist: Nick Heyward Producer: Arista Records, Inc. 15) Song Title: Lenny Artist: Stevie Ray Vaughan Producer: Epic Records 16) Song Title: Whistle Down the Wind Artist: Nick Heyward Producer: Arista Records, Inc. 17) Song Title: Ring Me Up Artist: The Divinyls Producer: Chrysalis Records, Inc. 18) Song Title: Love Theme From The Godfather (1972) Composer: Nino Rota Conductor: Carlo Savina Producer: MCA Records, Inc. 19) Song Title: Turning Japanese Artist: The Vapors Producer: Liberty Records, a Division of Capitol Records, Inc. 20) Song Title: Rev-Up Artist: The Revillos Producer: Virgin Records, Ltd. 21) Song Title: Farmer John Artist: The Premiers Producer: Rampart Records / Rhino Records, Ltd. 22) Song Title: Hang Up the Phone Artist: Annie Golden Producer: MCA Records, Inc. 23) Song Title: Gloria Artist: Patti Smith Producer: Arista Records, Inc. 24) Song Title: New York, New York Artist: Frank Sinatra Producer: Reprise Records By Arrangement with Warner Special Products 25) Song Title: Young Guns Artist: Wham! Producer: CBS Records 26) Song Title: Geek Boogie (Instrumental) Musicians: Ira Newborn and the Geeks 27) Song Title: Rebel Yell Artist: Billy Idol Producer: Chrysalis Records, Inc. 28) Song Title: Lohengrin Wedding March Artist: The Bavarian Staatsoper Munich Chorus and Orchestra Conductor: by Robert Heger Producer: EMI Electrola GmbH 29) Song Title: Young Americans Artist: David Bowie Producer: RCA Records 30) Song Title: If You Were Here Artist: The Thompson Twins Producer: Arista Records Inc. 31) Song Title: Sixteen Candles Artist: The Stray Cats Producer: EMI America and Arista Records Ltd. Sixteen Candles has a total of 31 songs in its soundtrack although as mentioned only six of the songs were officially released in the market. Some of the songs are so familiar to a lot of people such as Sinatras New York, New York and Patti Smiths Gloria.

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Sixteen Candles Soundtrack Song List